2016 equals a 9 in Numerology!

Happy New Year 2016 2

2016 in numerology equals a 9.  The number 9 signifies finality.  The end of an era.  Transformation.  Emptying out the old preparing for the new.  Finality is not death.  It is the end of something.  Getting rid of something whether it be habits, people or jobs in order to receive the new opportunities to start anew!  It will be an exciting time as it is also all about Karma and Justice!  If you have been wronged, 2016 will be the year when injustices are rectified.  There are going to be powerful forces at work that will bend certain people and/or situations to your favor.  This is great news right?!  Be careful not to turn to the dark side during this time and become vindictive and unforgiving while seeking your justice.  It would prove to be a long grueling year for you.  2016 is also going to be about finding our life purpose and soul mission here on Earth.  It will be about leadership and as such we will crave stability and clarity.  It will focus on self love, happiness and outgrowing our old ways.  Some of us will learn to say no assertively but with love and compassion.  The number 9 is passionate and impulsive so we will need to practice self control so as to not get out of hand.  Psychic awareness and inner wisdom will be on HIGH this year!  Light workers, seers, mediums will be more in tune than ever with their guides.  The number 9 represents the Hermit card in tarot.  The Hermit is noted for his deep introspection in search of divine guidance.  Learn to sit still, meditate, pray and listen.

Also, we are coming into this New Year in the pre-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde.  Retrograde starts on 1/5 and will turn direct on 1/25.  This can cause some difficulties in communication,  Misunderstandings will be on the rise which can lead to unnecessary arguments.  Electronics will be on the fritz.  Try not to stress.  Find a way to detox and shake out the negativity.  This will help you stay in balance.  If need be, ask to be excused so that you come back to conversations with a clear head.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  It will save you an apology later.
Many have asked me if this is a good time to light candles?  I say YES!  We will work the candles to your advantage to attain better results.  If I feel the need for a candle I do it!  The power of prayer along with the candle work is amazing!

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