5 of Wands – We fought a GOOD fight!

5 of Wands Reversed
5 of Wands Reversed
🌟The Five of Wands reversed🌟 tells me that with one struggle behind us we are definitely attempting to avoid conflict wherever possible.  Some conflict is good for us because it allows us to express our feelings, emotions, and to voice what is simply not ok behavior.  The 5 of wands reversed comes at a time when a BIG battle is behind you.  It says “breathe easy, slow down, refocus, feel secure within.  You fought a good fight!  That heavy burden is gone!”  Now, if you haven’t fallen apart and passed out use this time to focus on priorities and get back to the goal at hand.  When we are fighting such battles our life becomes scattered.  This card gives us the focus we need to get reorganized and refocused.  No matter what the battle is/was for you, we can rest a bit easier and get realigned in our heart, mind and Spirit which will enable us to push forward positively.
🌟Breathe easier
🌟Big battles are behind you  🌟Prioritize
🌟Hit your goal
Have a good day! 😇
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