Full Moon Wolf Moon January 2016

winter full moonToday is the first Full Moon of 2016 and it is in Leo!  The Moon fulfills our emotional needs and given the fact the Moon is in Leo emotions will be heightened.  We are looking at patterns we are creating; as well as our attitudes with others and how it effects our relationships.  If something is not fulfilling we will be sure to verbalize.  Leos are extremely passionate in all they do.   Whether it is in the bedroom, their heart, their beliefs, how they act and react and absolutely love being in the limelight.  Because they are so passionate they need their voice/opinions to be heard!  Be forewarned, as passionate as they are in love they can be in dislike as well.  If they do not agree with you they will express with passion their dislike as well!  Passion comes in many forms and as such I will say if you are feeling upset about something keep in mind things could escalate quickly so breathe, and keep your cool.  Sometimes it is better to be considerate even if you are right!

This is a perfect time to share how I tell people to be very careful when lighting red candles for passion in candle magic.  Most of the time we associate passion with intimacy, love and uncontrollable emotions.  We never really think about the other side of passion which is rage, anger and suffering.  We have to make sure we are drawing out the positive versus the negative when we light the red candle and definitely make sure not one negative thought pops into the mix or things could blow up before your eyes.  This Full Moon would be an excellent time for cleansing, uncrossing, reversible and banishing spells.

Just a fun fact***The January Moon has also been called the Wolf Moon as it marked the deepest part of winter when many animals die of cold and hunger.  This made good hunting for the Wolves.  Pretty interesting fact given the literally paralyzing blizzards!  Keep warm and safe!


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