Full Moon on June 2, 2015

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The upcoming Full Moon on 6/2/15 is in Sagittarius.  Sags are outspoken, adventurous and make passionate lovers!  But, they can also be a little reckless, impatient and their straight forward attitude is not always taken kindly.  I tell you this so that you will know and understand some of the energies that will be felt over the next few days.  We have been processing and purging a lot over the last few weeks to get our “house” in order.  We are making pretty big changes within ourselves now is the time to focus on what outwardly is effecting us.  This Full Moon has us examining our life.  Sort of like a year end review and there are things we may not be so impressed with.  Thoughts/feelings regarding love relationships or lack thereof are also magnified.  For some, this powerful Moon will bring to the surface long overdue confrontations.  Managing our own temperament could improve a situation significantly.  Forewarned is forearmed!  Lighting a white candle to purify and cleanse would be a great help!  Let’s work on bringing out the frisky part of the Sag energy versus the feisty!  That’s my plan!

The power of prayer is great!  Combine that with a Spell Candle to suit your specific needs and viola a perfect match to help utilize the energy of this powerful Moon and more!  The Full Moon is a perfect time to cleanse and release negativity.  I would suggest Chakra to heal and balance, Black to break negativity, white to purify and cleanse,  My Mom always did money candles during the Full Moon to keep our pockets full.  🙂

On a sweet note, the June Full Moon is known as the “Strawberry Moon” as when Strawberries were most plentiful.  Many would pick the strawberries under the Moonlight to honor the crops.

Have a good week!


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