Justice – Wrongs will be made RIGHT!

Justice Card Tarot
Justice Card Tarot

Drawing the Justice card today is all about being fair and honest! It relates to decisions that need to be made, and to legal/law. It assures fair decisions will be made.

Personally, the time has come for us to be held accountable for our actions. Justice tells to be aware that ALL of our decisions and actions have consequences. This could stand as a life lesson for some in how they act/react/behave in the future..Justice is the search for truth and says decisions must be made. We need to know and are speaking in truth as well.  Be honest with yourself and others do not be quick to judge. There is an indicator here that by doing so, dishonesty will soon come to light giving you the ability to make a fair decision.

Legally speaking, it refers to any type of pending law suit or potential law suit, contract or financial arrangements. If you are the person who seeks justice it indicates that if you are in truth justice will in fact be served.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Wrongs will be made right


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