King of Pentacles – Be secure!

What a GREAT way to start our week!  The King of Pentacles shows someone who has proven himself.  He is financially secure and has gained knowledge and power through life lessons learned and hard work.  He is nurturing, kind and generous.

In a personal reading it indicates the fulfillment of a personal goal, business venture and/or secure investments.  You can rest assured that you are or have created a secure place in life that will take care of you in the future financially and spiritually.  Make no mistake, this is not without hard work and dedication.  This card offers us the insight to be methodical and to take a well planned approach in business.  Which will lead us directly to success.

This card reminds us to give more.  “To give is better than to receive.”  By doing so we are assured all will come back to us ten fold.
*Be secure
*You are in control
*Utilize the power
*Stay disciplined
*Receive in abundance

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