Mercury Retrograde 6/28/13

Mercury Retrograde 6/28/13

I am not sure how everyone else is feeling about this Mercury retrograde but I personally am having some serious issues!  Electronically everything has had a mind of its’ own!

Because this retrograde is in cancer, it is much more emotional than ones in the past.  It can make you feel paranoid and angry one minute then super emotional the next!  The funny thing is during this time as we express ourselves the people we are communicating with are going through their own turbulence so anything we say they don’t get or are acting very combative to!

Remember these important tips during the retrograde and it shall pass come July 20, 2013.

*anything electronic computers, phones, emails etc…will have difficulty and cause chaos for you.

*communications are highly strained at the moment and misunderstandings are possible.

*avoid signing contracts and/or make sure you have gone through any contracts with a fine tooth comb.

*schedules can and will be interrupted at any time by cancellations and or something that needs your immediate attention.

Breathe in, relax and know that this shall pass come July 20, 2013  when Mercury turns direct.  There will be some lingering effects for a few days thereafter but we WILL SURVIVE!

With love and MANY blessings,

Gaylene, Abundant Visions











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