New Moon & Mercury Retrograde 5/18/15

New Moon Goddess

We start our week off 5/18/15 with the New Moon in Taurus and Mercury IN retrograde.

The new moon is all about new beginnings.  A time to start fresh.  Renew your attention to an old project and/or create new goals.  The positive energies of the Taurus are their loyalty, dependability and generosity with others.  On the downside they can be moody, possessive and often procrastinate.  They are more personally in touch with themselves and others making goal settings easy.

The Taurus thrives on security and comfort so this is a good time to re-evaluate what makes YOU feel good.  Where is your happy place?  Recently, it has been hard to find comfort and safety and we desperately need to get back to that place.  Get back to what is good for us.  During this time, you may yearn for the simple pleasures in life and I say DOOOO IT!  But, be careful not to overindulge.
All play and no work won’t get goal GETTING done!

Now, let’s throw Mercury Retrograde’s energy into the mix and WHOA big changes are on the horizon!  This retrograde is the most powerful of the year so be careful not to misconstrue words and be aware you will be more sensitive than usual.  Now some people are just mean spirited…if this is the case they won’t be any nicer and might even be worse.

Awesome…  Do yourself a favor focus on the positive energies offered boosting us to get things accomplished that will bring us to our happy secure place.

Some people may not make it through this without a break up.  Understand that what shifts and changes take place now are for your highest good.

Please keep me posted on how it is going for you!  I’d like to hear about it!


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