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Select A Reader For Your Free 3 Minute Reading

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Your Career. Your Health. Your Relationship. There are many reasons why people like you choose to come to ThirdEyeLive, however you all have at least one thing in common:

You all have a question that conventional methods haven’t answered.

Why has your career stagnated, or, do you just feel unhappy doing what you do? The doctors tell you that your health is fine, but you still feel weakened and fatigued. Does the person you love really love you too?

You have looked at all the various advice and psychology websites and you learned a lot of important information, yet you still don’t think that any or all of it really speaks to who you are. And you know what? You’re right. As much as we are linked as one by the seen and unseen energies of the universe – we all started together in the Big Bang remember – those energies flow through us just as individually as our fingerprints or our corneas.

So let’s put it this way: You’ve come to the right place.

At ThirdEyeLive, we can assist you in finding knowledge by whatever means you are most comfortable with.

  • Psychic Consultations with one of our Approved Advisers
  • Spell Candle Readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Tarot

You may well ask: Why is there such a variety of methods?

The most important ingredient in discovering the truth, the real knowledge about yourself is that you trust in the system. If you erect barriers to anything in life, that thing you are skeptical of will not work for you. In a way, it is like golf or basketball. If you truly believe you are going to make that putt or sink that free throw you are far, far more likely to succeed than if you fill your mind with images of the shot rimming out.

That is why ThirdEyeLive offers a variety of methods. You have already proven that you believe in the connective energies that transcend time and space (or for that matter are the composition of time and space) or you wouldn’t be here in the first place. But we all have our individual comfort zones.

Trust your instincts. If your first instinct, before any ‘considered thought’ shifts you away from it, attracts you to, say a Spell Candle, listen to that instinct. That is your inner voice, your true voice that you were born with, your soul speaking to you.

If you are unsure – That’s fair! We don’t know what we don’t know. Take a look at our various methods on the pages on this website, then:

If it feels right, do it!