2017 – Make it Count!


2017 – Make it Count

2017 equals a 1 in numerology.  The number 1 equals the start.  The beginning.  The time in which all other things are created.  This literally IS the clean slate.  Literally no better time to start over.  Begin anew.  It is very exciting!  What we do from here will lay out the foundation for years to come.
It signifies motivation, will power, success and positive energy.  It is a masculine number which says we will excel with assertiveness, leadership, organizational skills and will be feeling more self reliant.  The number one signifies independence so it wouldn’t be surprising if you or those you love have a desire to conquer their goals alone.  Try to remember to give some space if/when this occurs because our “assertiveness” will be on high!  We have been feeling restraint for a long while now and we have a sudden burst of energy to “get er done.”  With that said no one is trying to wait on anyone to make sure it gets started,  Just be careful not to hurt feelings along the way.
I’ve heard this year is going to bring about love, love, love.  The number 1 in love can absolutely signify a new romance.  New beginnings.  New solutions to old problems.  However, it may be an old relationship with a “new outlook or makeover.”
So many things can be created during this Year and whatever it is we are focused on will be with you for years to come.  One is a power number and it is said to assure success!  Praise be I think we have all been waiting for this year to arrive.
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Happy New Year and many blessings to you for 2017!
“aka” Abundant Visions
“We Make Magic”


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