Basic New Moon Ritual Recipe

This is a quick and effective New Moon ritual that my mom and I did for many years.  Over the years we added to our ritual but it is still effective!  🙂

Basic New Moon Ritual Recipe:

1) Write your wishes down on a piece of paper

2) Light your candle to start the ritual. Give thanks and gratitude. You can even open with a prayer if it feels right for you. I prefer to use an Abre Camino and a Green Candle. If you can’t get your hands on these tomorrow a white
candle would work, too.

3) State your wishes OUTLOUD!

4) I burn my wishes in the fire of the flame. If you feel more comfortable, slipping it under the candle is ok too!

5) Take a few minutes and really visualize your wishes/goals coming to fruition.

6) Give thanks and gratitude and let the candle burn out on its’ own.


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