• This Upcoming Week – May 2-8, 2022

    I pulled a few cards to see what the upcoming week has in store.

  • “Full Moon Magic” 4/15/22-4/18/22
    full moon magic april 15

    This is the first full moon of Spring! It promises to be beaUtiful!

    The “Love Spell” candle is designed to draw a person closer to you and cause him or her to openly declare feelings of love. It helps to create the safe space allowing them to open their heart to their true hearts desire YOU!! You can create self love as well as attract a new or unknown lover to you!!

  • Blockbuster Spell Candle Ritual Tomorrow Night April 10th

    We all seem to be encountering blockages/obstacles in many aspects of our lives right now. I am doing a BLOCKBUSTER spell candle ritual tomorrow night. Blockbuster candles break things up and blows through blockages that keep us from attaining our
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  • New Moon Magic Candles – April 1, 2022
    April 1 2022 new moon

    “New Moon Magic” 4/01/22. The candles I have chosen will be:     1.    cinnamon to help bring about communications ((Communications don’t have to be just about love)) and if desired increase libido.     2.    Chuparrosa in order to make us a magnet for good,
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  • Full Moon Magic March 18, 2022 in Virgo

    The FULL MOON on 3/18/22 is in Virgo and it promises to be an emotional roller coaster. Virgo digs deep into our well being and reveals our deepest personal thoughts. We are going to be clearing out the old to
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    The New Moon in Pisces promises to help alleviate stress and bring about a bit of happiness to our lives. Pisces are known for their compassion, attentiveness and giving nature. On the downside that can lead to over-sensitivity, over-thinking and
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  • Full Moon Magic Time – Candle

    2/16/2022 “FULL MOON MAGIC” time! I have chosen two candles to bless, dress and light under the Moon phase and can add your name to the mix. It is a shared candle. The cost for this is $25. I will
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    HAPPY HALLOWEEN and HAPPY FULL BLUE MOON October 31, 2020 Happy Halloween to you and yours!  It will be a doozie of a Halloween with the Full BLUE Moon commanding full attention.    Blue Moons happen when we have two
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  • Full Harvest Moon 9/24/18 Emotions on HIGH

    September 24th 2018 is the Harvest FULL Moon! WOW…this year is literally FLYING by! Time to get real people. This Full Moon promises to have us all feeling a bit emotional. We may be depressed and reminiscing about days gone
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    CometWell, this promises to be an action packed FULL MOON in LEO!  There is also a Lunar Eclipse and a Comet bright emerald green in color passing by ((literally)) that could be visible in the night sky!  The Sun, Moon
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  • 2017 – Make it Count!

      2017 equals a 1 in numerology.  The number 1 equals the start.  The beginning.  The time in which all other things are created.  This literally IS the clean slate.  Literally no better time to start over.  Begin anew.  It is very exciting!  What we do
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  • Full Blueberry Moon 8/18/16

    August brings us the Full Blueberry Moon! On 8/18/16 at 2:27 am PST the Moon will be Full and in all of its’ glory in Aquarius!  Oh boy this promises to be a doozey!   On the positive Aquarians are caring, clever and honest.  On
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