• Full Moon Wolf Moon January 2016

    Today is the first Full Moon of 2016 and it is in Leo!  The Moon fulfills our emotional needs and given the fact the Moon is in Leo emotions will be heightened.  We are looking at patterns we are creating;
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  • 2016 equals a 9 in Numerology!

    2016 in numerology equals a 9.  The number 9 signifies finality.  The end of an era.  Transformation.  Emptying out the old preparing for the new.  Finality is not death.  It is the end of something.  Getting rid of something whether
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  • 5 of Wands – We fought a GOOD fight!

    5 of Wands Reversed 🌟The Five of Wands reversed🌟 tells me that with one struggle behind us we are definitely attempting to avoid conflict wherever possible.  Some conflict is good for us because it allows us to express our feelings,
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  • Justice – Wrongs will be made RIGHT!

    Justice Card Tarot Drawing the Justice card today is all about being fair and honest! It relates to decisions that need to be made, and to legal/law. It assures fair decisions will be made. Personally, the time has come for
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  • 3 of Pentacles – Teamwork

    3 of Pentacles ⭐️3 of Pentacles⭐️ Receiving this card pushes us to work even harder with others towards a specific goal. It is all about teamwork!! Whether this is a project for work, school, or simply household duties, this card
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  • Hanged Man – Sacrifices May Need to be Made

    Hanged Man in Tarot Drawing the 🌟Hanged Man🌟 for today tells me we may be stuck in a rut at our own hand.  The Hanged Man has both hands free and only one foot is bound.  He could easily reach
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  • 7 of Cups Reversed – We are on the right path!

    🌟7 of cups reversed🌟 is one of those cards that you would rather have in a reversed position.  This card is all about through desire, will power, determination our goal is assured success!  AWESOME!  Ok, of course it is not
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  • King of Pentacles – Be secure!

    What a GREAT way to start our week!  The King of Pentacles shows someone who has proven himself.  He is financially secure and has gained knowledge and power through life lessons learned and hard work.  He is nurturing, kind and generous.
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  • Mercury Turns Direct on 6/11/15
    Mercury Goes Direct, Tower Card, psychic reading, spell candles,, June 2015

    In pulling a card for guidance for this week the Tower just flew out!   Tower card means we are taken outside of our comfort zone by something shocking which can be news and/or events.  Try not to panic in such
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  • Full Moon on June 2, 2015
    strawberry moon, spell candles, white candles, full moon, money candles

    The upcoming Full Moon on 6/2/15 is in Sagittarius.  Sags are outspoken, adventurous and make passionate lovers!  But, they can also be a little reckless, impatient and their straight forward attitude is not always taken kindly.  I tell you this so that you will know
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  • New Moon & Mercury Retrograde 5/18/15
    New Moon Goddess

    We start our week off 5/18/15 with the New Moon in Taurus and Mercury IN retrograde. The new moon is all about new beginnings.  A time to start fresh.  Renew your attention to an old project and/or create new goals.  The positive
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  • Full Moon in Scorpio 5/4/15
    Full Moon in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde, May 2015

    Full Moons offer a burst of energy that illuminates certain areas of our life that are coming full circle.  This time the Full Moon is in Scorpio which is all about what is hidden/buried deep within the depths of our souls.  You know
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