• March SUPER New Moon! Total Lunar Eclipse!
    new moon total solar eclipse

    Friday, March 20th promises to be a BIG day!  New Moon/Supermoon/Total Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox.  Dang!  This is a lot of energy being thrown out there!  Opportunities are opening up for us!   Doors once thought closed are opening again
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  • Saturn Retrograde + Friday the 13th
    saturn retrograde, March, blessing, lesson, karma, spell candles, live psychic readings

    March is the second of THREE Friday the 13th’s in the year of 2015!  The next Friday the 13th will be in November.  Such a rarity!  The last time there were 3 in one year was 1984 and it won’t happen again till 2040!  Some people
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  • Full Moon in Virgo 3/5/15 How will it Effect US?
    full moon candles, spell candles, live psychic readings

    Full Moon in Virgo 3/5/15 How will it Effect US? Well, I guess the card I pulled for yesterday’s guidance is a major reflection of what is to come with the Full Moon today.  The Tower says it all!  Things will be shifting and
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  • Mercury Retrograde goes direct 2/11/2015
    Mercury Retrograde, February 2015, February, relationships, jobs, answers

    Mercury turns direct this week on 2/11/15.  I would say thank goodness BUT, the effects will continue to linger for a few days, maybe even weeks before getting us back to some sense of normalcy.  Whatever that is…right?!  I don’t know
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  • Full Moon in February! Happiness reigns!
    Full Moon in February, Happiness, Spell Candles, Psychic Readings

    The Full Moon for February is fast approaching!  On February 3, 2015 the Moon moves into the sign Leo. This is a time to embrace happiness!  Thank God!  This has been a grueling past couple of weeks.  It is as if this
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  • Mercury Retrograde Chakra Cleanse SO easy!
    Chakra cleanse, clear negativity, easy to do cleanse, mercury retrograde, draw in money, draw in love

    Are you feeling stressed?  Bogged down by life?  Is Mercury retrograde kicking your butt like it is kicking mine?! Here is a very simple cleanse to help release negativity! Draw a hot bath with and add in 1 cup of
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  • New Moon/SUPER MOON/Mercury Retrograde=Crazy!
    New Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Super Moon, romance, communication, candle spells, psychic readings, Third Eye Live

    The New Moon on January 20, 2015 is the first of six Super Moons in 2015.  The mood will be strong as endings and new beginnings are the focus and with the energy of the SUPER MOON may all feel challenged.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus
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  • Berkana Rune
    Berkana Rune, Rune of the Week, love, relationships, growth, fertility

    This week’s Psychic Rune casting is “Berkana.” What is in store for your love relationships, career and more this week? Casting the Rune “Berkana” represents fertility, growth and expansion. This could represent a literal pregnancy/birth; a blossoming relationship or starting
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  • Uruz Rune Guidance for week of 1/4/15
    Uruz Upright, Rune of the Week

    “Uruz”is the Rune of terminations and beginnings.  It says to me that we are outgrowing the old, shedding skins in order to move forward into the new.  Uruz is all about opportunities disguised as losses. The progression of evolving in
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  • 2015 = 8 in Numerology-What Does this Mean for YOU?
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! In Numerology, 2015 equals an 8 which symbolizes money, power and infinite abundance! Learn more about what you can expect in 2015!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! In Numerology, 2015 equals an 8 which symbolizes money, power and infinite abundance! There is an added extra boost to success with the power behind the number 8 and a strong push for financial security. There is
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  • Laguz Rune
    Laguz Rune, Rune of the week

    The Rune for this upcoming week is “Laguz.”  Laguz tells me that unseen powers are active here, powers that nourish, shape and connect. With its attributes of water and fluidity it symbolizes deep cleansing, revaluing, reorganizing and realigning of the
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  • Rune Jera
    Rune Jera, Rune of the week

    Drawing the Rune Jera for this week says we have done a lot of preparation work.  Our work isn’t done yet but we can expect increase within one year!  It is very similar to planting a flower.  We have all
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