• Ansuz Rune
    Ansuz Christmas Rune, Messenger Rune, Ansuz Christmas Rune | Rune of the Week, Third Eye Live

    “Ansuz” aka as Loki is known as the “Messenger Rune.” Knowledge, communication and wisdom are the traits of this Rune. There will be revelations this week providing instruction and good advice. It tells me that there are upcoming notifications, interviews,
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  • Isa Rune
    Blog for the week - Isa Rune, Third Eye Live, Authentic Psychic Readings

    Drawing the Rune “Isa” marks a time when you may find yourself powerless in a situation. A long cherished goal may be on hold. We are waiting on someone else to do their part and the waiting is excruciatingly maddening.
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  • Our Spell Candles
    Spell Candle, Love Spell, Our Spell Candles, Candle Magic Spells, Third Eye Live

    Is there such a thing as a candle spell that works? How can the burning of a candle bring love to your life, and success to your work or career? The answer, dear friend, is found in both history and
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  • Psychic Readings
    Psychic Readings Online, Authentic Psychic Readings, Third Eye Live

    At a guess, you have quite likely been looking for psychic readings online. Ideally you would like a service that would allow you to test out a free psychic reading before making any commitments.  Perhaps you have tried to interpret
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  • Rune Stone Guidance Hagalaz – 10/26/14
    Hagalaz, Rune Guidance of the Week, Hail, isruptions, challenges, life changing events

    Rune Guidance for the week 10/26/14  – Hagalaz Because the elemental power of Hagalaz is “hail” it speaks of disruptions, challenges and life changing events.  These changes are necessary and once overcome you will be much stronger.  Illness, injury and loss
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  • Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio 10/23/14 – 1:34 pm PST
    Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio, New Moon Eclipse,Third Eye Live

    Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio 10/23/14 – 1:34 pm PST BE CAREFUL when looking at this eclipse!  The Sun will not be less damaging just because it is being covered by the Moon 😉  As a matter
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  • Full Moon/Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse 10-08-14
    Full Moon, Full Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse - October 8, 2014

    Full Moon/Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse ((WOW that is a lot going on!)) 10/08 – total eclipse begins at 5:25 AM PST and into Full Moon at 5:51 AM PST ((they say the moment of the “greatest eclipse” will be at 5:55 AM PST)) The Moon will appear reddish
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  • Full Harvest Moon 9/09/2014

    Last Supermoon of 2014! This Full Moon in Pisces seems to drop us in a deep puddle ((ok more like a giant sea swell)) of emotions. This could be both positive and negative. How we are effected by the energy of this Moon depends greatly on our whereabouts. This means the
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  • New Moon in Virgo 8/25/14 – FOCUS is Personal Goals

    New moons represent a time of new beginning! Being in Virgo this is an excellent opportunity for us to get our day-to-day life more organized so as to be more efficient! Health and fitness are big on the focus list.
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  • SUPERMOON Full MOON 8/10/14

    On August 10, 2014 we will have the largest and closest SUPERMOON Full moon of the year. It is also the second of three Super Moons in a row! I have read that there is a meteor shower that will
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  • New Moon in Leo 7/26/14

    The New Moon in Leo is up this weekend and I am looking forward to it!  It is the beginning of a “new” Moon cycle we always have a burst of energy and creativity setting forth our goals for the upcoming
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  • Full Moon/SUPER MOON 7/12/2014

    The upcoming Full Moon on 7/12/2014 is also the first of three Super Moons in a row!  The meaning of a Super Moon is when the moon is closest to the Earth.  The moon will be approximately 16% larger and 30%
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