Ending of the Lunar Cycle

The ending of the lunar cycle is tonight and I wanted to share a bit about the ending of the cycle and what it means for YOU!

Right now we are in the “The Dark Moon” phase which is the last three nights of the Lunar Cycle and just before the New Moon.  You might even notice that there is only a smidgen of Moon in the Night’s Sky.  Because of its’ darkness, earliest of people thought of this time as a time to retreat, heal and bring future plans to light.  I believe that it is a time to be looked upon as the death of the old and the beginning of anew.  A birth to come of new ways and new opportunities with the New Moon’s power!  All of us feel dark times in our life and the Dark Moon is a reminder that things will get brighter!  There is a new beginning right around the corner!  The Dark Moon is a good time to process our disappointments and down times to bring on the light of the new cycle!  What better time than tonight?  Below is the way I process and utilize the Dark Moon and the New Moon together for optimum results.  You can do this in the privacy of your own home((Or patio, or backyard…up to you))!

1) TONIGHT 9/04 – sit down and think about all the things that created disappointment for you this last month.  Write them down ((there is a reason))  On a separate piece of paper write down what you want to see happen in this Lunar Cycle.  Be creative!  Be specific.  Be realistic…we’re reaching for our goals one step at a time.

2) TOMORROW NIGHT – Grab a white candle and light it.  No matter the size, shape or even length of burning.  Grab the paper on which you wrote all the things that caused you suffering and BURN IT!  Yep that’s right I said BURN IT!  Burn baby burn!  What this does is it sets free those hurtful emotions it allows you the opportunity to truly LET IT GO.  I love that part!

3)  Give GREAT thanks for all that IS, all that WAS and all that IS TO BE!

Ending of the Lunar CycleAmen…you’re done!  Sounds too simple right?  Well it really IS that simple.

I will be preparing spell candles for both the Dark Moon and the New Moon so if there is something special you want me to focus on for you email me at thirdeyelivenow@aol.com we’ll put something together for you!

Lots of love!

– Gaylene, Abundant Visions



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