Full Blueberry Moon 8/18/16

August brings us the Full Blueberry Moon!
August brings us the Full Blueberry Moon!
On 8/18/16 at 2:27 am PST the Moon will be Full and in all of its’ glory in Aquarius!  Oh boy this promises to be a doozey!   On the positive Aquarians are caring, clever and honest.  On the negative they can be moody, bossy, rebellious and insensitive when angered.  Their sarcastic humor makes it hard to tell at times if they are joking or being honest.  With all that being said, we will be more sensitive than usual and brutal honesty and sarcasm may reign.  Careful with your words!
Many of us have also been feeling like we take one step forward and three steps back since the beginning of the year.  This Full Moon brings closure and marks a time when it is time to say goodbye to old fears and anxieties.  In doing so, we are making room for the new and positive life you have been preparing for!  Whatever you have been working on whether it be a lesson, journey, project or legal dispute this Full Moon will bring things to a head and promises to deliver a climactic end!  Shit is about to get real for some!  Make sure you have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.  With all of this knowledge, take time to say thank you and feel gratitude for all you have learned and accomplished.  A real “whew” factor will come into play after the Full Moon knowing that you said goodbye to the old and you are prepared to embrace the new.
There is so much to talk about and not enough time!  A Lunar Eclipse also joins this Full Moon!  It will not effect the Moon by shadowing but will effect the POWER/ENERGY of this Moon.  This is a perfect time to cleanse, release and break blockages to help assist bringing in your goals!  Many spell candles can be found to use during this phase of the Moon at www.thirdeyelive.com.
Fun Fact:  Many names have been given to the August Full Moon by various Indian Tribes.  It has been called a “Blueberry Moon or Wheat Cut Moon” because this is the time things ripen.  For all you fishermen out there is has also been named the “Sturgeon Moon” because this is when Sturgeon were most caught.

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