Full Harvest Moon 9/24/18 Emotions on HIGH

September 24th 2018 is the Harvest FULL Moon! WOW…this year is literally FLYING by! Time to get real people. This Full Moon promises to have us all feeling a bit emotional. We may be depressed and reminiscing about days gone by. UGH….how sad. We may have sleepless nights, experience depression, headaches or feel emotionally overwhelmed. Meh. Someone give me a drink! This could delve up stuff from WAY back in the day so get some tissues and let’s get ready to cleanse. Ok, we can get through this. Let’s find a way to face our past, let go of our fears and utilize this Moon to move forward as quickly and painlessly as possible. Uranus and Mars are lending a helping hand to help give us a positive boost! Whew! Thank goodness! If you are feeling more down than usual or a bit nostalgic, now you know why. Cleanse, cry if you need to, breathe deep and let it go! It is time for anew! Get ready, the World is waiting for you! Utilize a chakra or jinx removing candle to cleanse during this time!

The Harvest Moon is the time when the Indians harvested their crops and planned for the months ahead. Makes sense we would be releasing the past and preparing for the new. New Moon is coming….start making your list of upcoming monthly goals. Make small checklists to check your progress in making it to the BIG one!

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***A fun money spell I just read is go out into the full moon with an empty purse or wallet, open it up and say “FULL UP” nine times and within a few days you will come into money! I’m doing this!***

Many blessings,

aka Abundant Visions


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