Well, this promises to be an action packed FULL MOON in LEO!  There is also a Lunar Eclipse and a Comet bright emerald green in color passing by ((literally)) that could be visible in the night sky!  The Sun, Moon and Earth are all going to line up casting a slight shadow that may not even be noticeable in our neck of the woods.  It will be best be seen in Europe and Africa.  As the Full Moon tonight is in Leo emotions and instincts will be at their peak.  Relationships of all kinds will be the focus.  Leos are best known as warm, loving, sexual beings and have a strong desire to be noticed and desired.  They say give me the spotlight OR ELSE!  These are all great things if you have the time.  But if you are busy or scattered ((like me at times)) your significant other may end up feeling neglected and frustrated.  Since our energies will be focused relationships we will be evaluating how we and others are contributing and/or not contributing.  We will be cutting the “dead ends” off so to speak.  ((today without even knowing all of this I went through and deleted a few “fake friends” then poof I wrote all of this!))  This all leads to a positive!  Think about it, coming to terms with a failing situation, relationship or friendship opens us up a whole new World and the new beginning 2017 promises to give us!  Consider this an opportunity to create a better YOU for a healthier relationship whether it be in work, love or friendship.

The energies will be stronger and while the typical Full Moon’s energy lasts 3 days these energies will be with us longer.  This is a fantabulous time for Spell Candles of ANY kind!  Check them out at www.thirdeyelive.com
Many blessings,
aka “Abundant Visions”

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