Full Moon Magic 9/10/22

full moon magic 9/10/22

The September Full Moon “aka” Harvest Moon. This Full Moon will have an orange”ish” hue. This Full Moon is in Virgo in which the Universe is somewhat daring us to believe in MAGIC! To get in line with our spiritual awareness! This lunar phase is saying HEY!! get creative, readjust your habits and reaffirm your goals! Get things cleaned up, swept out and back on track. Basically the Universe is saying we fell off the wagon and to get our sh*t together!!

Virgos are all about getting things in order. They are loyal, persistent, organized and intelligent. They can also be over thinkers which can lead to procrastination. Let’s throw in a dash of “hello Mercury retrograde” to get us all mixed up. Let’s utilize the pros of the Virgo and get things done.

I’ve chosen two candles to do during this lunar phase that can help us achieve what the Universe is directing us to do. Want to be a part of either one or both of these candles? $25 each. DM me with your name. TODAY to get it going. I do the rest! So easy to do!!

💥Road Opener💥 this will help us in our pursuit of clearing obstacles and blockages making way for the amazing opportunities that await us!

♥️Come to Me♥️ this candle brings about LOVE and ROMANCE! If you’re looking for love or are already in a relationship it helps to bring about a strong, passionate magnet type feeling between you and your partner. You’ll find your beloved will be drawn to you as metal is to a magnet.

Many blessings,
“aka” Abundant Visions


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