blue moon happy halloween 2020


Happy Halloween to you and yours!  It will be a doozie of a Halloween with the Full BLUE Moon commanding full attention.   

Blue Moons happen when we have two Full Moons in a month.  We get to experience such a rarity on HALLOWEEN no less!  It is the only blue Moon of 2020 and the first Blue Moon since 2018.  This is a Taurus Full Moon.  Let’s focus on that for a minute.  Taurus energies are that of independence, practicality, devotion, and passion. While Taurus can be stubborn, jealous and not willing to compromise at times, it is because they are not willing to risk their stability.  These are all energies that will be heightened for us ALL during this next few weeks. This Full Blue Moon will bring about radical change!  The change that is not expected will create sensations of anxiety.  Your patience will be tried and you may find it difficult to relax. We can expect delays and strong disagreements with those around us.  It’s going to affect your family, your intimate relationships and your home.  The next two weeks are going to bring a lot of contrast to your life. Work will want your attention but so will your family. Your finances will be challenged between things you’ve been keeping your eye on for a while versus things that are necessary.  Our sixth sense will also be increased as the powerful Blue Full Moon gives us all a nice little birds eye view of what is and what can be.  This is an excellent time to use the strength of your heart to resolve difficulties in your personal relationships.  This would be a good time to have heartfelt discussions since your heightened senses will allow you to see more clearly why you’re having negative feelings and express what is disrupting your zen.  Remember that actively discussing and working on issues can be draining, so take a break, look up at the sky and take a few deep cleansing breaths.  The beauty in the sky will amaze you. Not only do we have a big Full Blue Moon but we also have the red planet making an appearance right next to the Moon. 

Candles to focus on would be cleansing, love, money and more.  The Full Moon can be about bringing into fullness what we deeply desire.  The excelled energy behind this FULL BLUE MOON will give an added extra boost to our beautifully hand prepared spell candles dressed with your specific intentions in mind. 

Many blessings,
aka “Abundant Visions”



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