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Drawing the Rune “Isa” marks a time when you may find yourself powerless in a situation. A long cherished goal may be on hold. We are waiting on someone else to do their part and the waiting is excruciatingly maddening. Remember to “breathe in positivity, breathe out negativity.” We are reminded to just submit, surrender, temporarily let go, be patient ((a little more)) and things will start to flow again.

Use this period of time to regroup and re-evaluate plans. You may find that you feel a bit drained and Isa reminds us to find quiet time for ourselves to rejuvenate! Isa is said to be related to the Hermit in Tarot. As he represents a need for withdrawal, silent meditation and solitude in order to gain enlightenment. Through Isa as the ice melts there is more clarity given for a greater understanding thus allowing you to prepare carefully your next steps.

Have a good week!
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