Lunar Eclipse and FULL Blood Moon-Watch OUT!

Well, well, well.  This Full Moon is quite unique this month.  It is called a Blood Moon and will be accompanied by a Full Lunar Eclipse.  This will be a beautiful sight to see as the eclipse brings a reddish/orange hue on Monday/Tuesday night.  Hence the name “Blood Moon.”  With both the Sun and Moon BOTH in Cardinal signs plus the lunar eclipse, this will be wreaking a bit of havoc on our lives.  Then the Grand Cross is also upon us so all kinds of planetary action is happening!
Ok, so bad news first.  This Full Moon Eclipse is bringing on a cleaning out effect on relationships and turning things upside down emotionally.  Even the most passive people will be “losing their cool” so to speak.  Let’s consider this a good time to clear out the bullshit and clean up a bit in order to make our lives BETTER!  Basically, this will be a time when enemies will be revealed and your tolerance level will be low.  I can’t say not to flip out because the energy is tense BUT, be careful with your words.  You don’t want to eat them later.  But, get rid of what is not enhancing your life or making you BETTER!  That’s what this time is all about.
This Full Moon with a FULL lunar eclipse would be a PHENOMENAL time to do spells candles for peace, cleansing, road openers, love to solidify a good relationship and soooo much more.  The lunar eclipse ADDS to the powerful effect of an already powerful Moon.  Given the time of clearing out, let the candle do the work to bring things inTO you.  I will be doing a Full Moon ritual Tuesday night.  Get your order in quickly so that I can get them prepared in time!
UPCOMING NEXT!!  Moon Advisor did FANTASTIC blog regarding the BIG Grand Cross where all kinds of action is coming up!  I will be posting that a little later.  Give it a read to gain knowledge on how YOU/things will be effected during this planetary craziness!
With love,
aka “Abundant Visions”

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