Mars Goes Into Retrograde

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Mars going into retrograde means we have to watch our ACTIONS

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For all our friends out there looking for a sexual relationship, Mars isn’t going to help you.
In fact you may want to hold off initiating actions because the retrograde will be affecting your energy levels by making you feel drained. Of course we can’t sit around and do nothing until Mars goes direct, in 11 weeks. So timing is going to be of high importance during this period of time.

Mars is physical and often connected with combative, invasive and impulsive behavior. In fact, in its most negative manifestation, which this retrograde conduct can be selfish, quarrelsome and argumentative. So basically, people will tend to be salty!!

If you are like me, then sitting still or going slow isn’t what you want to do, even if you know you’ll be low on energy or find that obstacles seem harder to overcome. A better approach for us all will be to readjust our expectations and when we encounter FRUSTRATIONS, we CALMLY work through them so we can ACCOMPLISH what we want.

Mars rules war!! So don’t go starting any divorces, fights or WARS.
The initiator who starts the war, will not have the energy to finish it, thus backing off and losing.
You’ll find that lawsuits have no punch. In any fight you’re going to find that you’re fiercely disagreeable and have very little if any common ground.

So now that I’ve convinced you not to undertake important actions or to chase sex, I’d better also offer you some alternatives.

No sex doesn’t mean you can’t dwell on it. Maybe there’s someone you desire. This is a great time to think about initiating that relationship, but hold off on the impulses until Mars goes direct. You may realize that the object of your desire really wasn’t what you wanted after all.

If you’re not getting a date, that person may find you’re too obsessed with sex. Instead use this time to get to know the other person.

This is a time to be assertive and DIPLOMATIC in how you communicate. Understand that the best outcomes are going to involve compromise. This retrograde is a great time to practice patience because people have less control over their tempers. In business, this is very important. Remember that the one who gets angry loses.

Then there are goals. The first 3 months of the year are gone and we all feel the need to finish or start goals. Use this time to plan the actions to complete your goals. Be methodical and have a plan of action ready. Once Mars goes direct, go after your goal. If you’re looking for a relationship, work on yourself. If you’re ready for a new job, polish up that resume.
Prepare to break up your abusive relationships. Prepare for the breakup, just don’t do it during this period of time.

Our goal during a Mars retrograde period should not be, however, to simply sit on our impulses or to squelch our enthusiasm. Rather, it should be to better understand our impulses, our survival instincts, our anger, our sexuality, our inner courage, and the ways we go about getting what we want from life. The cosmos are asking us to look before we leap rather than throw ourselves into action, just for the time being.

I would recommend spell candles for protection, peace, road opening, chakra cleanse and uncrossing. Also, keeping yourself cleansed is essential in keeping in balance. I’ll re-post the sea salt bath. This will also help keep you balanced and zen. Candles for clarity would be great now too. Road openers keep doors open and help to brush away negativity.

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