Full Blue Moon 5-20-16
Full Blue Moon 5-20-16
Blue Moon’s are usually noted when there are two Full Moon’s in one month.  While May only has one, there are 4 Full Moon’s in the Spring season.  Hence the saying “Once in a Blue Moon.” 
This Moon will be a beauty and hanging close to Mars.  It is a Full Moon in Sagittarius!  It has been noted that truths will be revealed.  Sags are known for the candor not their tact.  So be careful with your words so as to not hurt others feelings.  Sagittarian are amazingly curious and spontaneous people.  They have high sex drives and are known for being a bit on the exhibitionist side.  😉  They like the finer things in life but at times can be a bit superficial and materialistic.  Make sure you look your best as the unexpected can happen!  Take advantage of this Full Moon!  Get out there have fun and try to not look down on others.  They don’t have the knowledge you do!  You’ve got the upper hand by knowing how to use this Moon to its’ full potential.  
The Full Moon is a GREAT time for Fast Luck Spell Candles; Love Spell Candles and so much more.  The Moon is FULL bring on ALL good things to YOU!  Need guidance?  Call one of our accurate Live Psychics now!  Your first 3 minutes are FREE!
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