Mercury Turns Direct on 6/11/15

Mercury Goes Direct, Tower Card, psychic reading, spell candles,, June 2015

In pulling a card for guidance for this week the Tower just flew out!   Tower card means we are taken outside of our comfort zone by something shocking which can be news and/or events.  Try not to panic in such a shake up.  ((working on it!!))  At times we need something drastic to happen in order to push things forward or make an uncomfortable change in life.  You may feel afraid and shaken.  Maybe it is an abrupt change at work, personal relationships, divorce or even broken trust.  You may feel like how could I have been so naive?  How did I tolerate this for so long?!  There are a million questions going through your head and nothing makes sense.  No doubt you have tried very hard and something this big can cause emotional upheaval, depression and at times, sickness.  Remember that with each end there is a NEW beginning.  So, with the Tower coming up there is an opportunity to awaken and FREE yourself from bondage.  How can you utilize this energy positively is what we need to ask ourselves?  You can use this time to wallow in self pity OR rebuild using the knowledge or lesson to better yourself and your situation.  Freeing yourself from something unhealthy no matter the circumstance is what the Tower is about.

Mercury turns direct on 6/11/15.  What does this mean?  It means we can start moving forward again.  Things are no longer on “hold.”  Proceed with caution please!  Things will still be testy and emotions can erupt quickly!  We are not out of the woods yet folks.  A few more days and then we can breathe a little easier.

Thank you for your patience with me.  Your kind and thoughtful words me a lot.  xox

Many blessings to YOU!


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