Abundant Visions

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My purpose here is to give clarity and direction in your life when things are clouded and unsure. The guidance I receive comes from the Great Goddess Caffeina also known to me as "Caffe" and Angels God has sent to look over me in my journey in this lifetime. We all have guides and guardian Angels but sometimes it is tough to decipher your desires from their guidance. "Seeing for someone else is always easier than seeing for yourself!" That is why you are here...to see me. There is but one power and that is truth, compassion, caring and understanding and it is present here in my readings.

Some have said Caffe was a found Goddess but her history is one I know well. She is the goddess of energy, determination and stamina, giving her devotees inspiration and creativity. She is caring, comforting and guides in mysterious ways. She is honest and through me will help guide you through the cloudiness...good or bad...no matter the situation. Guidance is given in a clear positive manner. I warn you..if you don't really want to know the truth we are not the one's for you! No sugar coating or telling you they are coming back if in fact they are not.

I have been over 90% accurate in predicting time frames of events. I can't/won't promise exact days something will happen...as ultimately timing is left to the Divine Heavenly Power. Let me help guide you to your destiny.

Remember that free will can change outcomes! Negative energy can also effect outcomes! Remember to be positive...YOUR energy can change the outcome or timing creating delays...our thoughts are powerful! Put this out there..."Good things are HERE, and the BEST is on its way!" After all, don't you deserve the best??

FEEDBACK: Is always welcome but NOT a requirement. I look for people to see results for themselves. I care about what I do and hope to give you the best guidance in getting you to where you are supposed to be in this life. If you want to share that experience with others, that is where the real feedback comes in.

Love and Light...



Education and Experience:

I was taught to read the cards and work with my Guides by my Mom and Grandmother. I come from a long line of seers. My mom and I read the tarot cards, my grandmother read the tea leaves.

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