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Hello and welcome to my listing. My name is Dillian and I am claircorgnant, clairvoyant and a professional tarot reader. I also do dream interpretation and I do angel and tealeaf readings. My reading style is direct and honest. I will only tell you what I see not what I think. My goal is to help you get clear cut answers to your questions and concerns. As a psychic I help guide you not tell you what to do. What to expect when you get a reading from me. I sometimes don't use any tools because I sometimes gets vision, words, names and dates without any tools with some people. However there other people I might not connect with that much. In this cases I will have to use my tarot or other form of oracles to give you answers. Please remember when you get a reading ask honest questions and be open minded enough to take good or bad news. It is never my intentions to give you bad news but I cant help or control what comes through. My predictions are at 98% so far. I admit im not always right because there are people i connect well with and there are some that i cant get anything. I will let you know if im not connecting at all with you within the first minuite. Please have names, DOB and questions ready before calling. If don't have DOB that fine also. Have a pen and paper and write down everything that i tell you. Sometimes what i say might not make sense but keep an open mind and wait till week or months pass by

Education and Experience:

I specialize in tarot, oracles, angel and rune tealeaf readings.

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