Angel S Reed

Service Description: Love and Soulmate Specialist

Service Details:

Hello and welcome. My Name is Angel. I am a specialist in love No matter what your life style is, I am here for you. When I conduct a reading, I receive impressions as you speak and the impressions sometimes appear as pictures in my head, both symbolic and literal, or I will hear words,phrases. Nothing in life is a mistake and you should view everything as an experience." I like to try to guide you through your life experiences, concerns and changes...and through those changes, you will gain confidence and personal growth.

Education and Experience:

I have been psychic my whole life. My wonderful gift started around the age of 5 when I had dreams that would come to past. As I entered my teens I would sit and write poetry or songs and realized someone was speaking to me. I began to ask questions and then would write the answers down on my paper, the answer coming from an unseen entity.
As I entered into my 20's I realized that I knew things. I didn't know how I knew, I just knew! I began testing myself and eventually what I felt would happen. To make a long story short I began doing readings. One of my favorite experience was when a lady came to me for a reading. I had told her in the reading she would have twins. Her eyes began to water up and she told me that her and her husband had tried to have children for 14 years and were not able. Her words were "Your wrong."
After the reading I was feeling down because I felt that I had hurt her by saying that she would have twins and I kept thinking to myself, Angel you messed up big time!!! Well GREAT NEWS two weeks later she came at me screaming. (She scared me) and she said I AM PREGNAT!! WITH TWINS!! She hugged my neck and we danced in a circle.... I do one on one personal readings, psychic fairs and group readings. I love my job. So when your ready give me a call. Its time to start living!

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