Astro Advisor Eileen

Service Description: Practical, Empowering Astrology for Your Life - Please arrange a call if I am unavailable!

Service Details:

Probably the single most important thing in our lives is to understand ourselves. Once we get a real read on that, we turn our awareness outward, and tackle the living of our everyday lives. Sometimes, though, we become stuck in that life, unable to move forward. My job with you is to help you see where there's light at the end of YOUR tunnel. Astrology is one of the best tools for self-awareness. And, as such, when I work with a client, I help them see their own reality, and empower them to go for what will help them fulfill their purpose this lifetime. I provide a wide range of readings - natal charts, relationships, relocation, and astrological counseling. If you need assistance, I am here for you to help you figure out the WHY's of your life - and to help you see where you're moving towards. With a lot of love.

Education and Experience:

I have a degree in education, and have been a teacher for many years. I have had extensive astrological training from some of the best in the world -such as Steven Forrest, Noel Tyl, and many others. I have been a practicing astrologer for nearly 24 years.

I am also an astrological teacher. I have developed and teach a full astrological curriculum. I also am a freelance writer, and published author; my book, "Titanic Astrology: The Grand Design of a Famous Shipwreck," has been highly acclaimed by many. I have been active in the Seattle astrological community, having served, in the past, on the Washington State Astrological Association, as well as being a faculty member of the Northwest Astrological Conference. Eileen is currently teaching astrological classes, gives talks and lectures, and has a very active clientele in the Seattle, WA area.

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