Catrinas Spiritual Insight

Service Description: Tarot Reader, Intuitive Psychic with Spiritual Guides - Arrange a Call! Checking in frequently

Service Details:

I have the gift of Clairaudience to hear spirit, Clairvoyance I get vision messages from spirit. I have a strong connection to Clairsentience I can feel emotions of others living and passed on. When connected to spirit I also get Clair-cognizance gift of intuitive knowing. I do Psychic Tarot readings and use these gifts to guide me to give the best healing message. I also use a Pendulum for yes and no guidance. I use Crystal/Angel cards to assist with which crystal to help you at the time and an Angel affirmation to say when you meditate with the crystal suggested from the card. Working with the tarot cards, you can gain a clear focus on what is happening and what is to come. Through the tarot you can attain greater clarity so as to change things to your advantage! Work with ME today and find what is in store for you!

Education and Experience:

I have been working with Tarot for over 19 years and have been intuitive since a child. I also have taken Metaphysical classes to attune my gifts.

Reader ID: 88812