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Service Description: 5* Psychic Medium Paranormal Investigator 41 Yrs Exp Up tp 99.9% Acc Details

Service Details:

Hi I'm Pamela Rivette, I'm known world wide as a " 5 * Psychic Medium Paranormal Investigator". My customers have flown in from around the world just to have a in person session with me. Ive had abilities all of my life, which my mother had noticed and started training me when I was just 6 yrs old. I attribute my abilities to several factors.
1. I'm a indigo child born 3-14-1966. 2. I'm Cherokee, Navajo, Irish, & German 3. I'm a pisces which is known as the strongest in the zodiac for paranormal abilities. 4 I had 2 near death experiences at a very young age. One when I was 18 mos old due to a allergic reaction to penicillian and my heart stopped. The other was when I was 2 yrs old and I stopped breathing turning blue and was placed on life suppport for 6 dys due to a gramal seizure.
I will tell you right now, I am not here to tell you your future. I am here to guide you to a better way of life. I will tell you the most likely outcome of your question at the time you ask it. If you dont like a outcome you can always ask me what you can do to change it. A reading due to free will can be anywhere from 50-99.9% accurate.
My abilities are as follows, Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairescient, empathic, mediumship, Master tarot reader, cartomancy, psychometry which is reading energy from pictures, personal items, and peoples energy via visualization.
The better you are at visualization the more accurate your readings with me will be. I specialize in love, relationships, mediumship, career, and finances. All my work is done in God's loving light. How to prepare for a reading with me: I need first names only, yours and what ever person or place your asking about. Then I will have you do a visualization and focus on your question, while I tap in and look at what is going on. I will tell you everything I see, feel, or hear good , bad, or indifferent. I have been told my time frames are impecable. So for a psychic reading like you have never had before call me now!

Education and Experience:

41 yrs of study, member of the American Psychic Medium Association, Member of my local Better Business Bureau, Accredited with The Worlds Metaphysical Association, Member of my local Chamber of Commerce, Award winning best of Houston Psychic 4 yrs running. Voted as business of the week in the Houston Chronicle Dec 6th 2012. Psychic Medium for Richard Smith in paranormal investigations ( he is known as the top e.v.p.( electronic Voice Phenomena ) expert in the United States )

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