Retrograde Chaos

New Super Moon + 5 Planets in Retrograde = NUTS

Mercury Retrograde plus 5 Planets in retrograde
Mercury Retrograde plus 5 Planets in retrograde

Lets talk about the retrogrades first. There are currently 5 planets in retrograde! Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This is so rare it hasn’t occurred in 10 years! Energy is off kilter majorly and if you didn’t believe before you may now.

Mercury has communications screwed up along with electronics. Expect emotional meltdowns. Mars is full of fire and energy so we need to slow down a little as we may be more accident prone than usual. Jupiter is officially going direct 5/9/16 so road blockages that have been a burden may start to crack open! Pluto has us digging deeper for meanings or truths. It can also have us over-thinking big time thus creating a massive slow down. Saturn is challenging us to get things done. In some cases we are being pushed to the point of exhaustion. Many people are on edge and freaking out! If you have been on edge more so recently, now you know why.

Many have asked me what is the perfect spell candle for this period of time? Uncrossing Spell Candle, UnJinx Spell Candle; Chakra Candle and around May 10th a Blockbuster Spell candle or Road Opener Spell candle would be good.

Now, onto the New SUPER Moon tonight! The New Moon tonight is in Taurus. New Moons are a good time to set new intentions for the upcoming month and utilize the Sun sign to your advantage. The positive aspects of the Taurus are: generous, dependable, patient and independent. The negative aspects are: stubborn, lazy, possessive and cheap. These traits may be enhanced during this moon so definitely work hard to use the positive aspects to improve your mood and outlook. Remember we are not the only ones effected by these energies so try to practice patience and FOCUS on YOUR goals. We need to use the time and energy constructively. is proud to announce the addition of two new PSYCHIC readers to the site as well! Sign up today and get your first 3 minutes FREE!

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