Rune Stone Guidance Hagalaz – 10/26/14

Hagalaz, Rune Guidance of the Week, Hail, isruptions, challenges, life changing events

Rune Guidance for the week 10/26/14  – Hagalaz

Because the elemental power of Hagalaz is “hail” it speaks of disruptions, challenges and life changing events.  These changes are necessary and once overcome you will be much stronger.  Illness, injury and loss are also associated with this Rune so be careful when traveling.  Double up on vitamins and take extra care of yourself this week.  If pulled with regards to relationship it can mark the end as a relationship as a result of a third party.  Trying to fight such forces only creates more mental stress and pain.  It is said that the greater the loss the bigger the opportunity coming.  We may have been trying to avoid this disruption and disappointment for some time now and by doing so history repeats itself.  This week, find your balance through faith in knowing greater things await you.

This New Moon + Mercury Retrograde’s end ((10/25/14)) we have been going through transformations BIG time.  Whether it is the way we handles ourselves and/or situations we have come a long way.  We should get a bit of a breather as things unwind a bit.  Please note*** there will be lingering effects from the Mercury retrograde for approximately the next few days.

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Until next week!  Many blessings to you and YOURS!  Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!