Spell Candles & Mercury Retrograde: Do They Mix?

I have been asked a lot of questions about Spell Candles, Mercury Retrograde and my recommendation.  This particular Retrograde has been emotional, hostile and the swirling changes around us make it apparent we are in the process of letting things go!  Communications have been strained tremendously!  I alone spent 30 minutes trying to pay a simple phone bill that electronically should have taken 3 minutes!  WHAT?!
My recommendation for candles now are a Guarduan Angel, White or Yellow.  The reason is we should be protected and see with clarity the road that lies ahead.  Because we are not the ONLY emotional ones out there!  Others are freaking out, too!  I say OK, truth is I know I need to let it go of things to MOVE forward but can I be protected in the process please?!
Guardian Angel – Is a great Spiritual protector who gives constant protection to you and your loved ones.  She helps to guide and assist with answers your life problems while giving comfort to the soul.  She can reveal to you answers while giving comfort and strength to your afflicted Spirit.
White – white candles are great for healing spells, peace rituals, and gaining clarity on any situation. They are also helpful when performing a house-clearing ritual to clear out negative energy and call in positive, serene energy again.
Yellow – yellow candles are wonderful for mental stimulation and intelligence. Use them while studying or reading about new techniques. You can also use them on days you feel a little sluggish or sleepy mentally, as they will help energize you and make you feel more alert.
To answer the question if the Spell Candles would still be effective I say YES!  What better time to bring about the “change” that needs to happen just protect yourself in the process!  AMEN!
I am wishing you all a GREAT day!
Many blessings,

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