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Block Buster Spell Candle


Blockbuster Spell Candle


Product Description

There is nothing gentle about our Block Buster Spell Candle. This Spell Candle will blow apart all blockages and obstacles that are in front of you. If you have been blocked-off, if your happiness has been intercepted, if your success is being interfered with, now is the time to blow apart the blockages and impediments and create a passage where there was none.

Because of this candles extreme power, being in a negative mindset is not beneficial when using this particular Spell Candle and will only manifest the negative. Think positive thoughts. Our own Psychic, Abundant Visions, advises that you imagine the feeling of already achieving your goal! Imagine you’ve already received what you desire. Visualization is very very important. Make a genuine heartfelt appeal where you’ll ask for what you need.

We recommend using the Blockbuster Spell Candle when you are ready to begin something new, or to remove any blocks that keep you from your goals. These blocks could be self-inflicted or from others.

People who’ve come to us for a Blockbuster have found that this Spell Candle forcibly removes blockages and makes visible a light at the end of the tunnel, so they will find their way forward once again.


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