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Helping Hand Spell Candle


All Powerful Helping Hand Spell Candle


Product Description

All Powerful Helping Hand Spell Candle – The Helping Hand can help you in ALL matters of your life. There is also a way to dress this candle to sweeten the way your love feels for you!

The meaning of this Spell Candle continues to be the same now as in ancient times. Its’ magical powers ward off insecurities and uncertainty, replacing it with protection and benediction.

The Helping Hand Spell candle symbolizes God’s complete mercy over all situations. So much in fact, that there will be times when you won’t get something you’ve asked for because it’s not meant for you. This is so because when you light the Helping Hand Spell Candle, you ask the Saints to close doors to those things which are not meant for you and to open doors that are.

The Helping Hand Spell Candle in many cultures has been seen as a symbol of protection. We at Third Eye Live only use it with White Magic. We use it to help focus and direct your energies to attain all that is good for you.


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