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Just Judge/Justice – Court Case Candle

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Product Description

Just Judge/Justice – Court Case Candle – Court cases and contracts weigh in YOUR favor with this candle!

This Spell candle conjures up powerful energies of justice and fairness! Justice Spell Candles used any time when you need a little cosmic balance or fairness to show itself.

Just Judge/Justice is a great Spell Candle if someone you know and care about has been arrested. This is a powerful Spell Candle that will help win your court case.

With this spell candle you are closer to getting the justice you seek. You can light this Spell Candle to protect yourself against Lawsuits or to be protected from issues related to law, judgment, alimony from ex etc.

This spell will also work if you want to go for out of court settlements so that there will be a fast decision on your case and no more time or money will be wasted. Even with a good Attorney things may not be in your favor and are just not be working for you. This candle will assist in making matters fair and just in order to obtain the best results possible.

Also, we can utilize this candle to bring about fairness in a relationship and truths revealed. At times, our partner may not realize how unfair they are with you. This candle can help in bringing things back to balance.
Attain the positive results you’re seeking with the Just Judge/Justice Spell Candle.


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