Supermoon Full Moon Magic 8/11/22

super moon August 2022
This is the last Super Moon of 2022. WOW! This year is literally flying by!!

The reason it’s called “Super Moon” is because it is the closest the Moon comes to the Earth 🌍 at any point and time. This creates a huge powerful energy that can be harnessed to help us!! This makes it a really great time to work with manifesting! Bring your hopes, desires and goals to fruition with the help of this powerful Moon phase and a spell candle! You can chose one of your own liking from our website OR you can chose to be included in the two I have chosen to work with. The ones I have chosen are:

🍀FAST LUCK🍀changes luck positively and can be used for any area of life.

♥️LOVERS AMANTES♥️ helps to bring you a loving, caring committed relationship and/or bring about more loving, stable, commitment between you in an existing relationship.

Check out the website at: to see the candles I work with. DM me with any questions. There are many candles not listed on there and each candle is specifically blessed and dressed with your personal intentions in mind.

Many blessings to YOU!

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