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The Chariot – card of the day

🌟The Chariot🌟 is one of the most complex cards to define because it has both a positive and negative mood. It indicates a battle or struggle is going on inside or around you. It can indicate a victory, overcoming obstacles and challenges through confidence and self-control. We are at a place where we have clear goals and a plan of action and are tempted to lose our temper with people or situations standing in our way of success. The chariot tells us be the master of our emotions and to control impulses to anger. Is there a reason to be irritated?! Oh, I am sure! But there is a way if you remain focused to use it to dominate and beat any situation or competition! This is the time to be self-reliant and to assert ourselves! Be bold! But stay in integrity at all times! This is not a time to manipulate. There is a higher power at work to help you achieve ultimate success through hard work, self-discipline, and control.

⭐️ you will overcome trouble and adversity
⭐️ victory, Triumph
⭐️ keep calm stay in integrity
⭐️ victory! ((Ok victory is worth mentioning twice! 😇))

Your Psychic Spellcaster is here to help you turn things around and ensure Success! “We sell Magic!” Today the recommendation will be a Fast Luck candle to bring about quick luck to you in love and/or money!

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2 of Pentacles

🌟2 of pentacles🌟 signifies we are making changes and need to find balance. Important decisions are coming up. We are working on a lot right now and many things need to be accomplished. We are being put on notice to get a better schedule going in order to keep up the pace! We may be we are juggling a bit too much and without a better schedule we are sure to drop the ball somewhere. Something may be overlooked or missed. Someone may feel left out. In order to keep momentum positive and create change for the better we will have to work on our time management. It also serves as a reminder not to leave anyone out with all the things that we are juggling. That one person could be the key to success! Prioritize! In relationships, you may be trying to decide “is this person right for me?” OR even bigger “is time to get serious and tie the knot?!” Whoa! That’s HUGE!!!

I would recommend a Success candle to promote successful changes.

Have a great day!

Psychic Spellcaster
“We Sell Magic”


Four Of Cups Reversed

The 🌟Four of Cups reversed🌟 tells us “don’t sit on the sidelines so long that life passes you by!” It suggests that there are opportunities for advancement on the horizon! Because this card indicates we are pretty caught up in our own issues and have been feeling rather down, we have to be careful not to miss out on something good!

If you are currently involved, it talks about a tug of war which will now be met with compromise. It talks of new solutions to old problems and offers new beginnings in love relationships. Decisions are made with this card to either a) take a new opportunity or b) make compromises necessary to make an old relationship work.

To help create a much needed  breakthrough I would recommend a Blockbuster Candle

This card acknowledges we are in a rut personally and are no longer happy sitting still or standing on the side lines. We have a strong desire to break free! Don’t let situations hold you back and make you bitter! Get better! You deserve happiness! It is easy to let life get us down. The hard part is getting UP and turning that negative experience into a life lesson. Something you desire may pop up from the most unexpected places.

Have a GREAT day!


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Ace of Swords – Meaning

Spell Candles

The 🌟Ace of Swords🌟 The sword is double-edged. There is great clarity and strength found in this card. With our insights on high, we are able to see deceptions big time. Tread carefully my friends! If you look closely at the card the landscape is barren. This means even though we found our voice our words could be cold in nature. It IS possible to use this for the greater good and not destroy everything in the process. It is up to you as to how you react. Use the clarity given with the ace of swords and think before you react. Boundaries may be necessary but can be set with love.

*Mental clarity
*Create boundaries

Be mindful with our words As always have a great day more tomorrow…


We are here to help guide you on a powerfully positive path to the destiny that awaits you! Let one of our very gifted psychic readers help illuminate your path! 🔮www.thirdeyelive.com🔮sign up today and receive your first three minutes FREE!



Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings Online, Authentic Psychic Readings, Third Eye Live

At a guess, you have quite likely been looking for psychic readings online. Ideally you would like a service that would allow you to test out a free psychic reading before making any commitments.  Perhaps you have tried to interpret your dreams, or done your own tarot reading, but you aren’t quite sure whether you have the expertise to create an accurate psychic reading. Welcome to ThirdEyeLive!  You have indeed come to the right place.

ThirdEyeLive is the most respected psychic service available anywhere, as validated by our testimonials.  Many of our incredibly accurate and reliable psychics have been in practice for well over 26 years. Their experience and long-term success speaks to the validity of their accuracy and incredible psychic counseling abilities.


All the Psychics listed on our Reader Page are highly recommended and are interviewed and tested before being allowed to offer their services through ThirdEyeLive.  In addition, all Psychics on our network are pre-screened and selected by other Psychics. We insist on ensuring that you will receive the best psychic reading possible. Psychics have helped guide people on many levels throughout the years! Let our amazingly gifted Readers help to guide you to the powerfully positive path and destiny that is in store for you!  New member registration is easy and your first 3 minutes are FREE!


There are various types of Readers and the tools they use to connect aren’t the same as another.  There are Tarot readings, Rune readings, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empathic, Remote Viewing, Astrology and Mediums who can connect with a lost loved one to name a few.  At Third Eye Live, you can get a detailed, accurate, comprehensive, compassionate live psychic reading online! Whatever your preference, you are sure to find a match and we can guarantee that they are gifted, dedicated and professional. We are committed to providing the best predictions and psychic advice available.

Our Psychics use different methods to present you with wonderful insight. Some use tarot readings online through chat or over the phone. Others use candle spells, or direct communication with your energies.  Choose the method that agrees with you, because that is the method that will best work for you.

How will you know?

First you have to decide what it is you’d like to look into?  If you are looking to connect with a lost loved one we would suggest a Medium. If you want to know Astrology wise what is coming up an Astrologer.  We provide Readers profile for you to review. Just click on their link.  Each Psychic Reader provides a bio that can help you understand what they do and how they do it.  These are phenomenal Readers dedicated to detail and work very hard to give you the best experience/reading.

That is why all our Readers agree to offer you three minutes free, either on-line or over the phone. There is no pressure and or pitches. You decide who you would like to help guide you on the powerfully positive path that is in store for you! What do you have to lose? The first 3 minutes are FREE!


Spell Candles and Casting by Psychic

There are a great multitude of spells candles offered by Third Eye Live’s Live Psychic Abundant Visions!  We are getting phenomenal testimonials from people who have had  candle work done by Gaylene!  One testimonial reads:

“These candles kick butt – no kidding! She must do a good job with them, coz the results speak for themselves, as they have not had negative repercussions. That’s most likely coz they’re all well-intentioned. It has brought me and some friends of mine I requested these for, great solace, despite how bad the situations were b4 I got Gaylene’s candles involved. Great service – they are right ON!”

Today, there were 7 NEW candles added!  Check them out!

Cinnamon – Aids in better communications, draws good thing things to you! This candle smells amazing and does A LOT!
Miraculous Retirement – To rid of bad neighbors or rid oneself of envy. Too many times we have people who interfere or cause chaos for those we love. This candle will create opportunities for them to move forward, away or to become someone else’s problem.
Marvelous Garlic – Protection from Demons, Negative Energy or those who intend harm on you! This candle works excellent on breaking spells against you.
Peace – Promotes spiritual, internal and external Peace. Promotes healthy balance within and vanquish negativity
Guardian Angel – to walk with you, guide you and protect you
Block Buster – Feel blocked? This block buster will break any and all blockages! Your own personal beliefs/blockages or that of which is sent to you by another!
Miracle Healing Power – Helps aid with Headaches, Bad Back, Drugs, Arthritis, Aids, Depression, Alcohol and Cancer! This miracle candle aids in all aspects of illness! Feel its’ healing power!





Meaning of Spell Flames by Live Psychic

Meaning of Spell Candle Flames by Abundant Visions at ThirdEyeLive.com
When using spell candles it is important to understand that spell candles have their own language. They indicate countless things that can occur immediately or in the long term by their way of burning.
Since ancient times it has been believed that the candlelight dissipated man of darkness, the cold, things that work in the dark
and evil spirits. Candles have also been used to bring things to a person such as dreams, desires and keep one focused on their goals.

The use of candles also requires personal effort, it’s not enough to light them. you have to put as much faith as we do when we recite a prayer. You should Feel as if they are expressing your most intimate SENTIMENT’s.

When you light your spell candle pay attention to the flame. Here are a few ways to tell what a flame is saying to YOU:

When the flame gives off sparks or pops it indicates that the Spirits are pleading your case but you have outside forces working against you.

When the flame goes up and down and looks like it is dancing it can Indicate that someone is working to divert your attention off your goal. You may even find that your thoughts are scattered at the time of the dancing flame. Refocus and center yourself.When the wick divides into two flames it indicates that a second party is working to thwart your wishes. Meaning you and another person may be wishing for the same thing. Your spell may have to be done again with more conviction and insistence on your part. Give it some thought. Did you really want this?When the tip of the flame is bright, it indicates you will have good luck you in what you have asked for. Your desires will come to fruition in a short period of time.

When the flame is burning too high, it means the spell will work quickly but the results may not stick and the spell may need to be redone.When the flame goes out by itself and for no apparent reason: If you are working with white magic you can relight the candle but be sure to keep an eye on it. If you are working with dark magic you must throw it out and start over. By going out it says that this is going to be one tough road but if you have the perseverance and patience to see things through you can obtain your desires. Sacrifices will need to be made in order to see the rest through.When the flame flickers: This indicates that you will need to adjust or make changes to your wish because things don’t go as planned.When the flame looks like a spiral: This tells you that your request is being heard! You will receive good news!When the flame remains static (without oscillation) it announces stability, stagnation and little action. In situations involving love this represents emotional peace, tranquility and serenity. Don’t expect changes to your present situation.When the flame oscillates left: the answer to your question is negative, that is, “NO”. This is a good time to make plans or devise situations, but not to execute them.

If there is a lot of blue in the flame: The angels are working overtime to help attain your wish. Having to work so hard may indicate a need to re-do the spell once the candle is fully extinguished.

There is so much more to go over and this blog will be continued!


Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings can help you in all aspects of your life!  The Psychic Readers at www.thirdeyelive.com are WELL known for their accurate predictions and also take the time to help give you ways that can assist you in attaining your heart’s desire.  Get started today with your first 3 minutes FREE with the LIVE ACCURATE PSYCHIC of your choice!

Mercury Retrograde is coming! The dates of retrograde are from February 23rd until March 17th! OUCH! Doesn’t this seem longer than usual?! I don’t know about you but I’ve been experiencing the chaos a little early! I was reading tonight that there IS a pre-retrograde ((thanks for the warning right?)) from February 9th until February 22nd.

Here is the list of the “BE CAREFUL’S” during this retrograde:

Back up your computer, phone, etc.. ((they tend to crash during this time))
Careful on legal negotiations and/or contracts
Know that someone from your past may come back to haunt you or try their hand at reconciliation
Careful with communication written or verbal ((I apologize in advance to any I have or may offend))

I would suggest a white candle lit around you for protection against this apparently tough Retrograde! I will be near the computer and taking calls. Feel free to arrange a call OR set an appointment and I will be happy to accommodate you!

With MANY blessings,



Spell Candles by Live Accurate Psychic

Spell Candles are frequently used in magical rituals. the Candle represents you, in body via wax, your mind via wick, and your spirit via the flame. Candles help us realize and attain our wishes, to illuminate thoughts, and as such guide us when mental darkness exists. They make us feel accompanied when hope appears to have abandoned us. Grandmomma used to say where two or more of you pray together your prayers will be answered! Ok, it comes from the Bible but what Grandmomma said always stuck!

Moreover, bear in mind that each spell candle has its color, each color is related to an area of our life. Such as:

Yellow candles assist us to land that new job, triumph in
business endeavors. Help with concentration and imagination. It can
also assist with communications if strained.

Red candles give strength to love, passion, the vitality and

Pink candles care for romances provide harmony, tranquility and

Blue candles stimulate our minds to be filled with patience
and a relaxed understanding of what surrounds us. It helps us to
express ourselves better and get peace of mind. The blue candle can
also help in helping to heal with health problems.

Green candles bring luck. They help you when you are feeling
morally down and help attract healthy stimuli to you. They can also
help to bring in monies quick!

Purple or Violet candles aid in transforming our energy, releasing stress and
strain. They help to improve your health. Purple is a very spiritual color and helps us feel closer the Spirit.

Orange Candles aid in energy! Need a boost? This is great to replenish and fill your soul! A mixture of red and yellow, it provides strength and functions simultaneously to rejuvenate your being.

White candles protect and cleanse. White unifies all colors, You can use them in all
aspects of your life. Light a white candle and feel its heat, energy and protective nature!

Believe it or not a black spell candle can be used in a positive way to help rid yourself of collected negativity. A lot of times we wick up others energy and carry it with us like it is our luggage. If you feel that you are carrying someone else’s negativity the is a special spell just for you that has no negative karma attached. It’s like they say “it isn’t the dog that’s mean…it’s the owner.” Same applies with candle lighting. Any candle can be used positively or negatively. It’s how you dress and light it that is important.



We are proud to announce two new live psychics  have joined Third Eye Live!!  We wish them bountiful blessings and abundance!  WELCOME!

Lila Q

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