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The Chariot – card of the day

🌟The Chariot🌟 is one of the most complex cards to define because it has both a positive and negative mood. It indicates a battle or struggle is going on inside or around you. It can indicate a victory, overcoming obstacles and challenges through confidence and self-control. We are at a place where we have clear goals and a plan of action and are tempted to lose our temper with people or situations standing in our way of success. The chariot tells us be the master of our emotions and to control impulses to anger. Is there a reason to be irritated?! Oh, I am sure! But there is a way if you remain focused to use it to dominate and beat any situation or competition! This is the time to be self-reliant and to assert ourselves! Be bold! But stay in integrity at all times! This is not a time to manipulate. There is a higher power at work to help you achieve ultimate success through hard work, self-discipline, and control.

⭐️ you will overcome trouble and adversity
⭐️ victory, Triumph
⭐️ keep calm stay in integrity
⭐️ victory! ((Ok victory is worth mentioning twice! 😇))

Your Psychic Spellcaster is here to help you turn things around and ensure Success! “We sell Magic!” Today the recommendation will be a Fast Luck candle to bring about quick luck to you in love and/or money!

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Friday the 13th, 2013

Friday the 13th, 2013!
Legend tells us Friday the 13th is a day of difficulty and bad luck. Throughout the years it is widely recognized as a day of doom and this mind thought does in fact create a day of bad luck. In my family, we view it as a day of good luck because it happens so rarely!

What I will be doing for myself is a “Fast Luck” candle! The Fast Luck candle can bring good luck to you in ALL aspects of your life! Currently, the Moon is in a Waxing position. This is the time when the moon is growing into the Full Moon. This is a great time to do any spell work for growth! With that said it would be a good time for spells for courage, motivation, inspiration, healing and you guessed it GOOD LUCK!

Let me know how I can help YOU in your personal and career growth TODAY! Get your FREE Psychic Reading and/or a Spell candle of your choice!

With love,
aka “Abundant Visions”


New Moon and Solar Eclipse

For me, candle rituals are deeply satisfying and fuel my soul.  It creates a feeling that something special and magical is happening for me!  With that being said, the New Moon tonight is amplified because there is a Solar Eclipse as well!  I’d like to share a simple new moon wish ritual with you!

1)  Write your wishes down on a piece of paper

2)  Light your candle to start the ritual.  Give thanks and gratitude. You can even open with a prayer if it feels right for you.  I will be using an Uncrossing Candle to uncross any negativity.  I also find an Abre Camino/Road Opener and a Success candle work amazing during this time too!

3)  State your wishes OUTLOUD!

4)  I burn my wishes in the fire of the flame.  If you feel more comfortable, slipping it under the candle is ok too!

5)  Take a few minutes and really visualize your wishes/goals coming to fruition.

6)  Give thanks and gratitude and let the candle burn out on its’ own.

With love and blessings,

Gaylene, Abundant Visions


Questions to Spell Casting Answered!

Your Questions answered regarding spell casting, candle magic, spell candles, prayer candles or guardian candles and how they work!

For specific candles and their meanings visit out Spell Candles page.

When does a spell begin to work? A spell candle begins to work once it is lit! The candles work in your favor to bring about your greatest hearts desire aka the “intentions” you place on your candle. The flame, the way the candle burns and the glass are all indicators of how the spell will work for you. For example, a high or fast burning candle can indicate that you will get what you desire but the effects may not be long lasting.

Will I need to do multiple candles? Typically with any magic things are done in sets of three. It depends on the personal results you see. You should know within about 5-7 days after your candle goes out if it will need to be repeated.

Is there anything I need to do while the candle is burning? YES! Keep positive, KNOW your results are coming and pay attention to the candles flame. If you have someone performing it for you they should send you updates regularly on the candles progress.

Is this contradictory to religious beliefs? There are different ways of spell casting. It depends on your personal beliefs. While I cannot speak for others and their practices, I personally work using POWERFUL prayers. I ask the Angels and Saints to help me attain your personal requests. At no time do I jeopardize my karma or yours. I don’t work that way.

If you have any questions feel free to ask away!  I hope this is helpful in understanding candles and their unbelievable power!

Gaylene, Abundant Visions