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Full Moon in Virgo 3/5/15 How will it Effect US?

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Full Moon in Virgo 3/5/15 How will it Effect US? Well, I guess the card I pulled for yesterday’s guidance is a major reflection of what is to come with the Full Moon today.  The Tower says it all!  Things will be shifting and changing drastically!  How we react is what is important now and this Full Moon is opening up emotions BIG time and tolerance levels are very low!  Yikes!

What we need to know is this particular “change” cannot be avoided.  Avoidance is only going to cause greater chaos down the line.  This is something we have been thinking about for some time and the Full Moon’s energy combined with the planetary alignment is giving us the push we need to get things shaking and moving.   ((Tower again)).  The Tower reminds me of someone/something coming in SHAKING things up and then just drops us.  So drastic!!  Yes, it hurls is such a way that we may not be ready.  With logic out the window, confusion and disorder tend to seep in making things even more nuts.  Try to keep calm.  Let it hit the fan.  Then when the storm passes you can assess the damages in order to plan your next steps.

We are being called to take responsibility for our actions and what it is we are letting slide in our life.  You know, things that really aren’t OK with you but you pretend like they are?  Situations we sweep under the rug in order to “keep the peace” are all coming up for a pre-Spring cleaning and damn it is dirty!

As always, during the Full Moon, be careful!  Emotions are on high and it sounds like we are processing a lot mentally and emotionally.  Break ups could be the center of attention over the next few days.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but forewarned is forearmed.

***Perfect candles to light now.  White, purple, pink, chakra and green.  My mom used to love to do money candles on the Full Moon to keep our pockets FULL!***

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Full Moon September 2013 – Harvest/Corn Moon

My, oh my the time is passing quickly.  We are coming up on the Full Moon for September 2013 on the 18th!  This year is just FLYING by!

Full Moon September 2013Early Native Americans did not record time by the calendar.  They kept track of time by observing the Seasons and the Lunar Cycle.  They would name the Moons according to the Season.  Many tribes would know when a year has passed and new Seasons to start on the count of the 12 moons while others defined the new Year beginning at the 13th Full Moon.

This full Moon is known as the “Corn Moon” or better known as the “Full Harvest Moon.”  This is called the Harvest/Corn Moon as it refers to the time for harvest and many farmers use the brightness of the Moon to continue in their works later in the evening.  You may notice in the nights to come on this Full Moon may appear brighter earlier in the evening.

Since this is a time to harvest let’s take a look at what you are trying to bring to you.  Let’s talk about it.  You know the Full Moon is one of my favorite play times with candles and candle spell work!  So, let’s get something going for you!  I will be having a Full Moon ritual with food and delights!  This also marks the beginning of the Fall Season…one of my favorite times of the Year!

With love,

Gaylene, Abundant Visions