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Full Moon in Scorpio 5/4/15

Full Moon in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde, May 2015

Full Moons offer a burst of energy that illuminates certain areas of our life that are coming full circle.  This time the Full Moon is in Scorpio which is all about what is hidden/buried deep within the depths of our souls.  You know where you squish those emotions you don’t want to deal with right now.  Scorpio’s are focused, faithful, intuitive but can also be jealous, secretive and WOO-HOO they can hold a grudge.

A water sign, they typically go a bit introverted when focusing on what drives them or drives them crazy.  Because they are so private, they tend to suppress a lot so when it all comes to surface there can tend to be a BOOM factor.  Because this Full Moon’s energy is dipped in Scorpio, things that are hidden are exposed.  Yikes!  Whatever has been done in the dark comes to light and emotions are BIG as a result.  We may find that we are releasing emotions or are an emotional mess. Remembering that our emotions will be magnified, my suggestion is that we utilise this Full Moon to purge and release that which holds us back!

Then we can focus on cleansing in order to allow our healing process to begin!  Release yourself from negative situations, relationships and/or ways of thinking.  This may be seriously difficult because realisations and truths are not always easy to hear/face.  Reality is opening its’ door to show us what is really going on so we can make changes accordingly.

Also please note, 5/4/15 we enter the pre-Mercury Retrograde shadow phase which can have communications a bit strained as well.  Put on your big boy/girl panties we may be in for a bumpy ride!

Many blessings for a GREAT week,,, O:-)


New Moon in Virgo 8/25/14 – FOCUS is Personal Goals


New moons represent a time of new beginning! Being in Virgo this is an excellent opportunity for us to get our day-to-day life more organized so as to be more efficient! Health and fitness are big on the focus list. Setting up routines that will help us manage our life in a more constructive manner so can be frustrating but in the end we will reap the rewards of these changes.
How can you use this moons energy to benefit you?
Goal focus-personal self
????Time management
????Get organized in order to get more accomplished
????Health and fitness
We have the power of this new Moon for three days. If you’re interested in any one of our specially dressed spell candles for the New Moon in Virgo to assist you contact thirdeyelivenow@aol.com



Full Moon August 10, 2014On August 10, 2014 we will have the largest and closest SUPERMOON Full moon of the year. It is also the second of three Super Moons in a row! I have read that there is a meteor shower that will accompany this Full Moon starting the evening of August 12 into the early morning hours of August 13th! How exciting!!

What does this mean for you? With this Full moon in Aquarius, we may be feeling frustrated and facing challenges that hold us back from achieving desired goals. If you started something new on the New Moon be prepared to face your first challenge. Whether it be a loving relationship, career or improving finances we are feeling like others are holding us back and want us to FAIL! Grrrrr. People may not be taking your words seriously which will add it to testy conditions. To boot, we are boycotting showing our fragile character traits in an attempt to appear strong and independent. I have also read that there are revelations regarding a soon-to-be ex or ex (whatever the case maybe) that could finally push you over the edge to get rid of toxicity in your life. Awesome! (She says Sarcastically).

It sounds like the next few days will be enlightening, challenging and memorable! In lieu of turning this into a positive, I say we look on upcoming challenges and view them as lessons learned which will enable us to move forward in life positively.

Remember if you are interested in a Spell Candle to help you achieve your desired goals, the Super FULL Moon will be in amazing time to rope it in! A Spell Candle can pull you out of a rut or challenge. Utilize this Full moon’s energy to say to the universe “okay I’m prepared!! Bring on the Fullmoon!!”

Many blessings,
Gaylene, Abundant Visions


New Moon in Leo 7/26/14

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo is up this weekend and I am looking forward to it!  It is the beginning of a “new” Moon cycle we always have a burst of energy and creativity setting forth our goals for the upcoming month!  Leo is lending a helping hand and giving us additional energy we need to be creative and make changes we have been only thinking about or have only put on paper thus far!

This New Moon is also paired with Jupiter and Jupiter brings bountiful blessings on new beginnings, it blesses whatever it touches!  It is a terrific time to expand your business, go for promotions at work and/or building on relationships/yourself.  This could be the time when you finally see things start to move forward positively!  We have spent the last few months cleaning out and preparing for this expansion.  The changes we can make now could effect us for MANY Moons to come!  Make use of the energy while you can!  Do be careful with this powerful energy to promise something you can’t make good on.  Leo’s are impulsive and move quickly and times don’t think about the consequences till later.

The Sun is also in Leo which is perfect because the Lion likes to shine and be the center of attention!  How better to rule if not on three major planets?  They bask in the warmth and radiate pride!  Because the energy to move forward is so strong that for those of us who are “seriously stuck” depression is noted.  :/ And of course we will run into the grumpy people who suck up this picture perfect energy and turn it into the bad Leo….who can be self centered, vain and even hot tempered!  They are a fire sign…I say use this time wisely block out the dark ones…and SHNE it is a perfect time to build, grow and expand!

We will have the energy from this New Moon for 3 nights to use in Spell Casting/Prayer Candles!  Please let me know if you’d like me to work on something special for YOU!

Many blessings,
Gaylene, Abundant Visions


Grand Cross Info! More to come!

The Moon is now in the sign of the mutable earth sign of Virgo until the weekend. This is a great earthy moon for getting organized and getting good work accomplished.

Keep in mind that we are now in the middle of eclipse season, as well as the upcoming Grand Cross. Eclipses bring life changing events. Pair that energy with the Grand cross, which feels like four planets arguing in the sky, and there is serious stress and pressure on all of us.

Some might feel super charged and overwhelmed by this energy; while others may feel impotent and unable to move forward. There is a lot of heated, angry energy bursting throughout the air. There are currently a lot of planets in Aries, as well as the innate volatility of the Grand Cross. Therefore, use the higher energy of Virgo. Be kind to your neighbor. Use this moon in Virgo to be of service to others.

Love & Light,

Balanced One




Full Moon in October 2012 “Hunter’s Moon”

Tonight and tomorrow night are a good time to get rid of unwanted energies, break blockages and continue to pull in that positive energy.

Here is what I will be doing.  You can join in if you’d like.  If you are wondering does she do this every month?  Yes, I do.  The key to successful prayer candles is about your perseverance.  What better way to keep yourself motivated to attain your goals and set aside things that bring you down than a prayer candle?

1)  Set your intentions in writing.   Allow yourself to write down things about you personally or a situation that are not    quite moving forward.  You can add in things that you’d like to rid yourself of.  Light your white candle burning the paper in the flame.  Imagine yourself being freed from any and all negativity and any blockages breaking!

**This is a bonus that I add in on the Full Moon to continue to bring creativity, prosperity, good health, good luck, etc…((you get the point))

2) Again set your intentions in writing.  This time, write down financial freedom; healthy happy relationships; healing of your body, etc.  Take the paper and slip it UNDER a green candle (white can always substitute) light it and know things will come to you.

Above all, be easy on yourself.  Take time to take care of YOU.  This Full Moon’s energy is intense making us a little sensitive.

Love and HUGS!

Gaylene aka Abundant Visions