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Berkana Rune

Berkana Rune, Rune of the Week, love, relationships, growth, fertility
This week’s Psychic Rune casting is “Berkana.”

What is in store for your love relationships, career and more this week? Casting the Rune “Berkana” represents fertility, growth and expansion. This could represent a literal pregnancy/birth; a blossoming relationship or starting to blast off into great success. It’s action is gentle and pervasive but the results are oh so rewarding. This is a time to put the past in the past where it belongs so we can reap the rewards of the future we have carefully created and cared for.

In Tarot, the Empress carries the same symbolism as Berkana. They both represent the nurturing, caring balanced energy of the Mother. We may be filled with the desire to create, support, nurture and grow either within ourselves, others, or in school and business. Basically, Berkana is a good omen in that it assures us we have planted something real and meaningful and that through continued nurturing and a steadfast approach we will create something long lasting and victorious.

How can you implement this psychic reading into your life and get the most out of your week?
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