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Friday the 13th, 2013

Friday the 13th, 2013!
Legend tells us Friday the 13th is a day of difficulty and bad luck. Throughout the years it is widely recognized as a day of doom and this mind thought does in fact create a day of bad luck. In my family, we view it as a day of good luck because it happens so rarely!

What I will be doing for myself is a “Fast Luck” candle! The Fast Luck candle can bring good luck to you in ALL aspects of your life! Currently, the Moon is in a Waxing position. This is the time when the moon is growing into the Full Moon. This is a great time to do any spell work for growth! With that said it would be a good time for spells for courage, motivation, inspiration, healing and you guessed it GOOD LUCK!

Let me know how I can help YOU in your personal and career growth TODAY! Get your FREE Psychic Reading and/or a Spell candle of your choice!

With love,
aka “Abundant Visions”