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Full Moon March 2014! Organize! Health!

The Full Moon of March is called the Worm Moon by the Algonquin tribes and in some areas it is called the Sap Moon.  This is a time when the Earth begins to soften and earthworms start to pop up creating an open invitation to the beautiful Robin birds!  Sap begins to flow in the Maple trees signifying SPRING!  With so many regions experiencing such a tough Winter, I am having a tough time visualizing worms popping  through snow and ice or sap flowing!
The Full Moon will be at its’ peak this Sunday, March 16th and in the sign of Virgo.  This urges us to find a balance in our daily routines, physical health and a pressing need to get things in order and/or organize.  With all this pressing on us we may feel an overwhelmed with an awakening on how we are lacking organization and balance in certain areas of our life.  Whether it is your home, business, love life or healthy living, this is a time where we are pushed to get it done!  This is a good time to start an exercise program, focus on weight loss, clean out the closets, get rid of the old to prepare for the new!  If you feel a little frustrated with all of this, be patient with yourself.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Your personal awareness of what needs to get done will help you put plans of action together.
The Full Moon can make us feel more emotional than usual.  Combine that with the push we are feeling to get things on track and we can feel a little off balance.  Keep in mind that in dealing with others they too are feeling the push to get things going for themselves which makes us all crazy at one time 😉
As usual, I will be doing my Full Moon ritual!  If you are wanting to do a candle to add to the nights festivities let me know!
Good candles for the Full Moon this time are:
Weight loss ((black))
Money ((always good))
Love spell  ((to draw in that perfect love or renew an old love))
Success  ((to ensure success in our projects))
White ((to keep peaceful and balanced))
Try this too IF possible and you’re not in the snow.  Take your shoes off and plant your feet on the grass and soak up the rays of a Full Moon for a good cleansing.  We in the South call this Moon Bathing…it is favorite thing of mine to do with a glass of wine in hand of course!
With many blessings to you!
aka “Abundant Visions”
P.S.  I recently started a program myself that I am LOVING for weight loss!  Email me if you want information!  It is FABULOUS and I have more energy and lost 4 pounds in the first week!  WOW!