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Supermoon Full Moon Magic 8/11/22

super moon August 2022
This is the last Super Moon of 2022. WOW! This year is literally flying by!!

The reason it’s called “Super Moon” is because it is the closest the Moon comes to the Earth 🌍 at any point and time. This creates a huge powerful energy that can be harnessed to help us!! This makes it a really great time to work with manifesting! Bring your hopes, desires and goals to fruition with the help of this powerful Moon phase and a spell candle! You can chose one of your own liking from our website OR you can chose to be included in the two I have chosen to work with. The ones I have chosen are:

🍀FAST LUCK🍀changes luck positively and can be used for any area of life.

♥️LOVERS AMANTES♥️ helps to bring you a loving, caring committed relationship and/or bring about more loving, stable, commitment between you in an existing relationship.

Check out the website at: www.thirdeyelive.com to see the candles I work with. DM me with any questions. There are many candles not listed on there and each candle is specifically blessed and dressed with your personal intentions in mind.

Many blessings to YOU!

New Moon Magic Candles – April 1, 2022

April 1 2022 new moon

“New Moon Magic” 4/01/22. The candles I have chosen will be:

    1.    cinnamon to help bring about communications
((Communications don’t have to be just about love)) and if desired increase libido.

    2.    Chuparrosa in order to make us a magnet for good, true love.  

Please let me know if you’d like to be a part of either or both candles.

Many blessings,
Gaylene “aka” Abundant Visions


Our Spell Candles

Spell Candle, Love Spell, Our Spell Candles, Candle Magic Spells, Third Eye Live

Is there such a thing as a candle spell that works? How can the burning of a candle bring love to your life, and success to your work or career? The answer, dear friend, is found in both history and magic.

Since the time of the Egyptians, five millennia ago, the burning of candles has been seen as a method of attracting and connecting the spiritual energies of the universe together. The candle itself is a focus point, accompanied by a deeply concentrated wish. Still not sure, as after all, the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Gods have been consigned by our modern world to a bin of myths and so why should we believe in their methods?

Walk into almost any Christian church and what do you see? Candles burning at the side and people with their heads bowed in prayer asking God for help. Whether one wishes to call it religion or magic, it is a spell that works.

How Spell Candles Works

Manifest the wish you desire and choose one of our candles below. What we do is take the candle of your choice and anoint it with oils and herbs that are pleasing to the Angels and Saints to help assist us in attaining your wish.

Old and powerful rituals combined with specific anointing handed down to me by generations past. The power and energies around us lend focus themselves on you to achieve the results you desire. These candles are specifically dressed to suit your desire. You tell us what you are looking to attain and we do the rest!

From the time we blow out our first birthday candle, magic is a part of us. Blowing out the candle we manifest and ask that our wishes be granted.

The spell candles listed below are no different. Taking the candle of suited to your desire I anoint it with oils and herbs that please our Guardians and Guides in helping assist us gain our wish!

There are so many ways to burn the candles. For example when asking true love come to you, bring a lover back to you, bring peace or help in a difficult situation, good health, good luck, BIG fortune, banishing negativity, create a barrier of protection around you and so much more these VERY POWERFUL candles and the powers that BE lend their energy to you to achieve the results you desire.

These candles are specifically dressed to suit YOUR desire. You tell me what you are looking to attain and I do the rest!

Two Options

We have two options to choose from. You may wish to burn the candle yourself, or have our candle dresser and interpreter Gaylene burn it for you and report daily to you as to how the candle is burning and how to interpret its result. No one else is offering our level of individualized service.

The choice is yours. You might like to have the candle in your own home, so you can feel the spirit presence as well as enjoying the balance it offers while burning. On the other hand, you might want to rely on Abundant Visions experience. You decide.

Option #1
Your candle will be shipped directly to you and you can light your specially dressed candle!  $16 per candle.  Shipping for 1-3 candles is $16 (we can fit 3 candles in one box).  We ship to the United States only, but we do offer candle burning services (Option 2 below) worldwide.
Option #2
We will dress and light your candle for you.  You will be emailed a photo of your candle work on a daily basis. $34 per candle.


Full Moon/SUPER MOON 7/12/2014

The upcoming Full Moon on 7/12/2014 is also the first of three Super Moons in a row!  The meaning of a Super Moon is when the moon is closest to the Earth.  The moon will be approximately 16% larger and 30% brighter than other times.  July 12, August 10 and September 9 of 2014 are the Super Moons!

psychic readings online

The Full Moon is the pinnacle of things we started at the New Moon.  Remember your list?  The Full Moon is a time when we can check off some of the things you were able to accomplish.  Even if they were little things that helped you get closer to the ultimate goal, you made progress!  You can use the power of the Full Moon to draw in things to you with ease by using Spell candles aka Prayer candles.

Sorry to say it but, the Full Moon is going to be emotional.  From what I understand, with Cancer (Sun) opposing Capricorn (Moon) we are torn between two very important places.  Our home life, personal and nurturing with Cancer and that of responsibility, career and accountability with Capricorn.  Cancer is saying I am happy leaning on you and Capricorn wants us to stand up and be responsible for ourselves.  This can be tricky because many people are torn right now with their complacent self and being happy keeping things the way they are while others are saying hey, get it together and take necessary actions!  This is where the emotional side gets torn.  Where is the balance?  We are looking to voice ourselves no matter whether you are mushy or pushy.  Be careful how you word things as they can be misconstrued and hurtful to others.  It is possible to find a balance and get what you need accomplished in a loving manner.

A Super Moon can help in many ways to achieve the goal and keep the balance with the help of spell candles.  My recommendation for this time would be:  White to bring peace and balance; Road Opener to open the paths to greater Success; Pink in love as it isn’t too overwhelming and my personal favorite Fast Luck to bring monies IN to you. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, there is a candle that can help you get what you desire!  If the candle you want is not on the list, ask and we will find a perfect one for you!

As always we at Third Eye Live are here to help guide you in the most powerfully positive and accurate manner!  Our reader of the week is Aries Intuition!  Try her out today!  She doesn’t pull punches!  If you are ready for a no BS reading check her out today!  I have used each and every reader on this site and am confidant in their abilities!

Many blessings,
aka Abundant Visions


Much anticipated CARDINAL GRAND CROSS! Holy Wow!


There has been a great deal of talk about a spectacular astrological event that is taking place this month of April 2014, that has not happened since the 1700s’, and it only happens once every 250 years. There are 4 planets that are affected in the cross; Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto and they are all at 13 degrees, when they come together during the 3 days of 4/20-4/23.

Not only will the changes that will be experienced by this configuration be so profound and life changing, this Grand Cross is defined on either side by a powerful lunar eclipse in Libra on April 15 and an equally robust solar eclipse in Taurus on April 28, both ruled by Venus in the sign of Pisces.

On 4/15 the lunar eclipse with Mars retrograde in Libra in Aries is about the individual standing up with a voice to the gov’t and how they are profiting from us in areas such as banking, our food supplies ie: gmo’s, and giving voice to our concern. This will also affect our close relationships in our private lives and cause us to seek inner guidance and direction. The eclipses are ruled by Venus in Pisces with unconditional love as the underlying theme behind the scenes.

On 4/28 the solar eclipse in Taurus will be the impact the much needed transformation we will be going through and how it effects our personal relationships from friends to lovers.

This grand cross will be a major game changer that will tear down the old and discard the old way of thinking and doing things, to bring in the new. New ideas that are honest and real and authentic. This is happening in the sign of Aries in the 1st house that signals a new identity for the individual. This is all about the old versus the new. There are 4 areas this cross will address and bring forth; disruption, frustration, redemption and transformation for a greater soul connection.

The Cardinal Grand Cross configuration will be Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer which will bring about compassion and love, and Uranus in Aries and Mars (Rx) in Libra for protection.

Pluto is stubborn in Capricorn and gets stuck in his ways and wants conformity, but Uranus seeks inspiration and movement through change. Jupiter in Cancer supports the change with spiritual growth as a way back to our GodSelf, of honesty and truth. Mars retrograde opposes and brings up confrontation and tension. Mars retrograde in Libra will light the fuse and takes the initiative to ignite the fire to spur the energy that sets things in motion. There will be examination, diplomacy and talks to help us to figure things out. Uranus and Pluto are the game changers. It says to us, maybe you’re not getting there because you’re not meant to go it alone. Pluto and Uranus are forcing us to make the necessary changes we need and desire, whether it is job, home, relationships; now is the time to make these changes and to make your life the way you truly want it.

Venus in Pisces will provide a safely valve to release the pressure from the intensity of the cross; as in what goes around comes around, or better said, that water finds it’s own level. We will start to care for one another and put aside our personal desires and look at the other side of the coin and see the bigger picture. It will be money vs. love and the balance of yin and yang. We will strip down to a more authentic life and look from a higher perspective. Venus will give us a ray of hope. It will lead us down a path of compassion and unify our consciousness to a higher frequency.

We will be faced with choosing between outdated programs and belief systems to new and innovative ways of thinking. There will be a new birth, that will foster a new way of thinking in a higher frequency that will cause a turn of events that will bring BIG changes to the way we do things and experience life.

This grand cross will bring about a change in the world. We are at a crossroads between the old and the new; the old ways of doing things will no longer serve us and bring forth a new life. So the grand cross is asking for change. It is asking us to be authentic. To be honest with yourself and what your truth is. Are you happy in any or all aspects of your life. Now is the time to take actions to make the changes within your self and it will reverberate into the world. You will have the power to take action.
Things that you have been holding on to that no longer serve you will fall away and new things will come into your life as a new stage of growth and development through human evolution.

We will be affected in all stages our life. Everyone and everything will go through it and it will give way to a new world. This cross will effect us on a government level by affecting the corporate structure and how we are affected by big business for profit. The people have spoken and they will be heard. The environment; from the oceans, the forests, and the food we eat ie: gmo’s etc. will also be affected. Our government, our banking system, housing markets, our work, interpersonal and personal relationships. Nothing will go untouched. We will emerge with a greater sense of purpose, a new sense of being. A feeling of honesty, and being authentic with a renewed feeling for our lives. The Grand Cross is the time to speak truth and give it power. Time for the people to be heard and take their government back to work for the people to heal the planet and serve the people and not for profit. It is a time to speak and stand up for what you believe and to make your voice count. To change the way things are run.

A great healing will occur, creating a balance of honesty and authenticity of the world righting itself to it’s true nature down to the cellular level.

Moon Advisor


Lunar Eclipse and FULL Blood Moon-Watch OUT!

Well, well, well.  This Full Moon is quite unique this month.  It is called a Blood Moon and will be accompanied by a Full Lunar Eclipse.  This will be a beautiful sight to see as the eclipse brings a reddish/orange hue on Monday/Tuesday night.  Hence the name “Blood Moon.”  With both the Sun and Moon BOTH in Cardinal signs plus the lunar eclipse, this will be wreaking a bit of havoc on our lives.  Then the Grand Cross is also upon us so all kinds of planetary action is happening!
Ok, so bad news first.  This Full Moon Eclipse is bringing on a cleaning out effect on relationships and turning things upside down emotionally.  Even the most passive people will be “losing their cool” so to speak.  Let’s consider this a good time to clear out the bullshit and clean up a bit in order to make our lives BETTER!  Basically, this will be a time when enemies will be revealed and your tolerance level will be low.  I can’t say not to flip out because the energy is tense BUT, be careful with your words.  You don’t want to eat them later.  But, get rid of what is not enhancing your life or making you BETTER!  That’s what this time is all about.
This Full Moon with a FULL lunar eclipse would be a PHENOMENAL time to do spells candles for peace, cleansing, road openers, love to solidify a good relationship and soooo much more.  The lunar eclipse ADDS to the powerful effect of an already powerful Moon.  Given the time of clearing out, let the candle do the work to bring things inTO you.  I will be doing a Full Moon ritual Tuesday night.  Get your order in quickly so that I can get them prepared in time!
UPCOMING NEXT!!  Moon Advisor did FANTASTIC blog regarding the BIG Grand Cross where all kinds of action is coming up!  I will be posting that a little later.  Give it a read to gain knowledge on how YOU/things will be effected during this planetary craziness!
With love,
aka “Abundant Visions”

On Friday October 4th, 2013, the New Moon will bring us into the Libra cycle!

On Friday October 4th, 2013, the New Moon will bring us into the Libra cycle!  What does this mean for you? With the New Moon in Libra, it is a time when our ability to work with others in all aspects of life seems to be the BIG focus.  As the Libra balances things out, we look at our partner, co-workers, even our kids and seem to be weighing the good and bad.  It is a realization of how much WE put into the partnership and how much others do as well.  The goal is to see your partner, co-worker, child as your “teammate” rather than your adversary.  During this time, it may be challenging as we aren’t really wanting to bend to others and their demands. We want things to be fair!  ((Feeling a Marisa Tomei moment here!))

GOOD NEWS!  During this time, of the the New Moon in Libra, you WILL have the ability to negotiate with others and work together to make things fair and balanced without bending your own priniciples…ahhh the true lesson.  Actually, this is a time when we can make important changes in our lives that will have a ripple effect for many moons to come!  I have been told that with the New Moon opposing Uranus and squaring off with Pluto we can expect some challenges in our negotiations.  Some people just don’t know how to play fair.  :/

If you find in your situation you need a little boost, a helping hand so to speak I am here!  I will be doing a New Moon ritual and lighting a Road Opener to open the paths to abundance in success, love, good health and clarity for myself!  In combination with a white candle to create peace while I do some negotiating of my own!

Many abundant blessings to YOU!

Gaylene, Abundant Visions

P.S.  Don’t forget to write out all the things we want to accomplish during this next Cycle and burn it tonight!  Any kind of spell candle will work and if you need more directions it is in a past blog!  Or, email me at thirdeyelivenow@aol.com and I’ll be happy to send it over to you!


Full Moon and Spell Casting

This is a time when the Moon is MOST powerful!  That means the magic that we do is extremely potent!  Because the Full Moon is hard to fit into ones schedule as it truly only lasts one night you should know that its’ effectiveness in spell work is usually two days before and two days after.

It is a perfect time to do spell casting in love, romance, fertility, psychic abilities, making decisions, healing, guidance and also banishing.  The candles I would suggest are:

Chakra cleanse to cleanse out all areas of your chakra ((especially after the retrogrades end))

Black candle to rid oneself of any and all negativity

White for healing and protection

My mom used to do a money spell every full moon and so do I to bring monies to us.  She loved the Full Moon for spell castings!  We were busy bees!

I will be doing a ritual tonight and tomorrow night so if you would like me to add a spell candle for you please email me at thirdeyelivenow@aol.com.

Abundant blessings!

Gaylene, Abundant Visions