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Waxing Moon – Growth/Strength/Healing and Luck

The waxing moon is the period of time between the New Moon and Full Moon. The moon is growing larger each night and as a result, this is a perfect time for growth, courage, motivation, health and healing and luck spells. This is a good time to pull in strength and power, growth and expansion. You can also focus on a love relationship you’d like to push into the next level.

With growth and expansion, comes change and with change comes a little discomfort. Let me help you with a spell candle of your choice to make this time more productive for you and help alleviate the discomfort of change. The changes being made now are supported by the recent Grand Cross and eclipses so while it may seem things are moving fast, shed the old and prepare to pave the way to a better life NOW!

Many blessings,

aka “Abundant Visions”


Mercury Retrograde Ends 7/20-What’s Next?

July 20, 2013, Mercury Retrograde ends and will finally turn direct!  Thank the good Lord this particular retrograde is coming to an end!  This retrograde being in Cancer has brought a lot to our attention with regards to things we are no longer happy with and to finish what we started!  Complacency is not resonating with our Souls.  The fact is even in our anger, frustration and even miscommunications we are being shown what we need to let go of!  Get rid of it!  It is holding you back.

So here is the thing, once Mercury Retrograde ends and turns direct ((feeling excitement)) it is a slow process in it moving forward.  You will feel some lingering effects from retrograde for a couple days after it goes direct but the most harsh effects will be behind us.

Post Mercury Retrograde is from July 21, 2013 till August 3, 2013.  This is a time to think about the things you’ve gone through during the retrograde, process it and take action.  If knowingly we do not take action, our SUCCESS will stay stagnated.  In whatever area this effects you take heed…as the Universe has shown you specifically what needs to change!

The cool thing about retrograde is this: at times, we bury or deny ourselves happiness or success and retrograde brings that which blocks us to the surface.  What we do with that knowledge is up to us!

The Moon is waxing at the moment which is a good time to do spells for courage, motivation, healing and luck!  We will be in waxing until July 22, 2013 when the Moon is FULL!  More to come on the upcoming Full Moon!

Many blessings,
Gaylene, Abundant Visions



Spell Candles for LUCK!

Spell candles for luck! The spell candle of the week is all about “LUCK.” The name of the candle is “Lucky!”

We all need good luck at times and this candle is perfect for bringing in GOOD LUCK! Specially dressed for your desires to bring in good luck with money. You can use this candle when playing the lotto or for business and income. If you are gambling, this is also considered the candle to light to ensure monies coming IN!

This candle can be ordered through our website or by contacting abundantvisions@thirdeyelive.com!

February 27, 2013 at 6:44 pm

I ordered Success candles from Gaylene and am happy to report that I experienced a noticeably positive shift with my finances and new opportunities. I was not particularly focused on any particular event, but requested success on the many things I am addressing at the moment. Her candle updates and pictures of the candle’s progress were inspiring and helpful. This is a very unique and personalized service, which is wonderful in itself, but to experience results as well has made me a believer.