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The Chariot – card of the day

🌟The Chariot🌟 is one of the most complex cards to define because it has both a positive and negative mood. It indicates a battle or struggle is going on inside or around you. It can indicate a victory, overcoming obstacles and challenges through confidence and self-control. We are at a place where we have clear goals and a plan of action and are tempted to lose our temper with people or situations standing in our way of success. The chariot tells us be the master of our emotions and to control impulses to anger. Is there a reason to be irritated?! Oh, I am sure! But there is a way if you remain focused to use it to dominate and beat any situation or competition! This is the time to be self-reliant and to assert ourselves! Be bold! But stay in integrity at all times! This is not a time to manipulate. There is a higher power at work to help you achieve ultimate success through hard work, self-discipline, and control.

⭐️ you will overcome trouble and adversity
⭐️ victory, Triumph
⭐️ keep calm stay in integrity
⭐️ victory! ((Ok victory is worth mentioning twice! 😇))

Your Psychic Spellcaster is here to help you turn things around and ensure Success! “We sell Magic!” Today the recommendation will be a Fast Luck candle to bring about quick luck to you in love and/or money!

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Four Of Cups Reversed

The 🌟Four of Cups reversed🌟 tells us “don’t sit on the sidelines so long that life passes you by!” It suggests that there are opportunities for advancement on the horizon! Because this card indicates we are pretty caught up in our own issues and have been feeling rather down, we have to be careful not to miss out on something good!

If you are currently involved, it talks about a tug of war which will now be met with compromise. It talks of new solutions to old problems and offers new beginnings in love relationships. Decisions are made with this card to either a) take a new opportunity or b) make compromises necessary to make an old relationship work.

To help create a much needed  breakthrough I would recommend a Blockbuster Candle

This card acknowledges we are in a rut personally and are no longer happy sitting still or standing on the side lines. We have a strong desire to break free! Don’t let situations hold you back and make you bitter! Get better! You deserve happiness! It is easy to let life get us down. The hard part is getting UP and turning that negative experience into a life lesson. Something you desire may pop up from the most unexpected places.

Have a GREAT day!


Are you looking for answers? Is it worth your time? Do you need guidance in order to help you to best achieve a desired goal? We are here to help guide you on a powerfully positive path to the destiny that awaits you! Let one of our very gifted psychic readers help illuminate your path! 🔮www.thirdeyelive.com🔮sign up today and receive your first three minutes FREE


2015 = 8 in Numerology-What Does this Mean for YOU?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In Numerology, 2015 equals an 8 which symbolizes money, power and infinite abundance! Learn more about what you can expect in 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In Numerology, 2015 equals an 8 which symbolizes money, power and infinite abundance! There is an added extra boost to success with the power behind the number 8 and a strong push for financial security. There is also balance found within the number 8. This year will bring about success in many matters and bring a sense balance at the same time.

We will be taking control and our leadership qualities will shine through! We will be consciously aware of our strengths and abilities and be motivated to be a GOAL GETTER!

The lessons of the number 8 are gaining knowledge to achieve our goals and using the wisdom constructively without becoming self absorbed, selfish and materialistic. One thing I have always believed is: when we give as we receive we keep the door of abundance open. However when we get greedy we lose it. Luckily the number 8 will help us keep the balance and not become a greedy little monster. 😉

In love, the 8 indicates a need for loyalty, honesty and appreciation. You may experience a heightened need for all these things and when you give this out to another person it is sure to be repaid 8 fold.

Candles to recommend for this New Year are Chakra cleansing; Success, Better Business just to name a few! So many good things can come from utilizing this time combined with the upcoming full moon to help give you the jump start you need!

Many blessings for a healthy, happy prosperous New Year! www.thirdeyelive.com


Full “Honey” Moon Emotions Clash! World Cup Begins!

My oh my how this year is passing so quickly! June 13, 2014 brings in the Full Honey Moon! It is called the honey moon because it gives the appearance of a honey color. This is because it is so low to the horizon light has to travel further to reach the Earth. It has also been named the Honey Moon because bee hives are filled with honey during this time of year!

honey moon

Our thoughts will be conflicting during this Full Moon! With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius, we feel like we are being pulled in two directions. One is logical and the other is asking that we act on faith. Well that is GREAT but the logical side says “what if I fail?” The Full Moon will draw out the conflict between logic and faith bringing about realizations in an emotional manner. We have been thinking about something for a loooonnng time and the powerful energies building with this Moon are encouraging us to SAY IT OUTLOUD! Ooooo, this could be good for some and bad for others. It really depends on what level of your life that you are dissatisfied with and looking to change!

We are being encouraged with this Full Moon to do something for ourselves! In order to help keep our balance, we are being encouraged to do something good for ourselves. Typically we do a lot for others but forget to do something for ourselves. Now might be a good time to keep down feelings of frustration and irritation with others. 😉

It was reported to me that there are massive solar flames released from the Sun that will hit the Earth tomorrow which could disrupt satellites wreaking havoc on mobile phone signals! Meaning it could knock out mobile phone satellites and mess with GPS communications. Yikes! It better not mess with the World Cup!

Please keep in mind we are still smack dab in the middle of Mercury Retrograde so try to chose your words carefully!

Candles to recommend during the Full Moon are ANYTHING you want to bring TO you. Money, family, peace, work, fertility, protection and so much more! We have a list of a few of the candles we have to offer on our Spell candles page. If there is something you want to accomplish that isn’t on the page, just ask! I would be happy to help you find a way to get it accomplished!

Many blessings to YOU!
aka “Abundant Visions”


Full Moon March 2014! Organize! Health!

The Full Moon of March is called the Worm Moon by the Algonquin tribes and in some areas it is called the Sap Moon.  This is a time when the Earth begins to soften and earthworms start to pop up creating an open invitation to the beautiful Robin birds!  Sap begins to flow in the Maple trees signifying SPRING!  With so many regions experiencing such a tough Winter, I am having a tough time visualizing worms popping  through snow and ice or sap flowing!
The Full Moon will be at its’ peak this Sunday, March 16th and in the sign of Virgo.  This urges us to find a balance in our daily routines, physical health and a pressing need to get things in order and/or organize.  With all this pressing on us we may feel an overwhelmed with an awakening on how we are lacking organization and balance in certain areas of our life.  Whether it is your home, business, love life or healthy living, this is a time where we are pushed to get it done!  This is a good time to start an exercise program, focus on weight loss, clean out the closets, get rid of the old to prepare for the new!  If you feel a little frustrated with all of this, be patient with yourself.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Your personal awareness of what needs to get done will help you put plans of action together.
The Full Moon can make us feel more emotional than usual.  Combine that with the push we are feeling to get things on track and we can feel a little off balance.  Keep in mind that in dealing with others they too are feeling the push to get things going for themselves which makes us all crazy at one time 😉
As usual, I will be doing my Full Moon ritual!  If you are wanting to do a candle to add to the nights festivities let me know!
Good candles for the Full Moon this time are:
Weight loss ((black))
Money ((always good))
Love spell  ((to draw in that perfect love or renew an old love))
Success  ((to ensure success in our projects))
White ((to keep peaceful and balanced))
Try this too IF possible and you’re not in the snow.  Take your shoes off and plant your feet on the grass and soak up the rays of a Full Moon for a good cleansing.  We in the South call this Moon Bathing…it is favorite thing of mine to do with a glass of wine in hand of course!
With many blessings to you!
aka “Abundant Visions”
P.S.  I recently started a program myself that I am LOVING for weight loss!  Email me if you want information!  It is FABULOUS and I have more energy and lost 4 pounds in the first week!  WOW!

Full Moon Magic and Spell Candles 10/18/2013

What is the Full Moon of October called?  The Full Moon of October is called a Hunters Moon.  It has also been called a Travel Moon and a Dying Moon.  Why is it called a Hunters Moon?  Because it was the time for the Native Americans to hunt in preparation of the long winter.  The natives often traveled to warmer climates to avoid the long hard winter when things were dying off.  Hence the name “Travel and Dying Moon.”

This Full Moon of October 2013 will be an extra special treat!  The Earth’s shadow will fall across the Moon on October 18 at approximately 7:50 PM EST.  This is called a Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse.  The Moon will look very much so like the one in the photo below:

Full Moon Magic and Spell Candles October

What kind of spell candles are most powerful during a Full Moon?  In my experience, I have found that there are a great many things to focus on during a full moon this powerful.  Manifesting goals, Money, Nurturing, Passion, Healing, Strength and Power just to name a few.  Are you looking to add extra power to your spell?  Now is a great time!  Protection, Divination, adding “Extra Power” to spells for job hunting, healing serious conditions, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, beauty, fitness, change and decisions are also ones I would recommend..

How long does a full moon last?  The Full Moon’s power is effective for 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon.  I will be doing cleansing rituals for the next 3 days for myself.  If you’d like to know more about the cleansing ritual email me at thirdeyelivenow@aol.com and I will send you my special recipe for free!   If you’d like me to prepare a specially dressed spell candle for you, please let me know and I will get it ready!

Abundant Blessings!

Gaylene, Abundant Visions


Amazing Blue Moon!

This isn’t a typical blue moon because there aren’t two months in the month of August.  This Blue Moon is because there are 4 full moons in one Season.  That’s why it is considered a Blue Moon.  Moons of this nature usually happen about every two years or more!  This makes this Moon very special!

The full moon is always such a great energy time!  My mom always loved to work on money spells during the full moon.  She always said we made more money.  She was right!  The mailbox was full of checks from record labels!

There are a great many things to focus on during this full moon which include:  Manifesting goals, Money, Nurturing, Passion, Healing, Strength and Power. Spells candles for these days are for: Protection, Divination, adding “Extra Power” to spells for job hunting, healing serious conditions, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, beauty, fitness, change and decisions.

The Full Moon’s power is effective for 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon and I will be doing cleansing rituals for the next 3 days.  If you’d like me to prepare a spell candle for you please let me know and I will get it ready for you!

Abundant Blessings!

Gaylene, Abundant Visions




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