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Full “Honey” Moon Emotions Clash! World Cup Begins!

My oh my how this year is passing so quickly! June 13, 2014 brings in the Full Honey Moon! It is called the honey moon because it gives the appearance of a honey color. This is because it is so low to the horizon light has to travel further to reach the Earth. It has also been named the Honey Moon because bee hives are filled with honey during this time of year!

honey moon

Our thoughts will be conflicting during this Full Moon! With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius, we feel like we are being pulled in two directions. One is logical and the other is asking that we act on faith. Well that is GREAT but the logical side says “what if I fail?” The Full Moon will draw out the conflict between logic and faith bringing about realizations in an emotional manner. We have been thinking about something for a loooonnng time and the powerful energies building with this Moon are encouraging us to SAY IT OUTLOUD! Ooooo, this could be good for some and bad for others. It really depends on what level of your life that you are dissatisfied with and looking to change!

We are being encouraged with this Full Moon to do something for ourselves! In order to help keep our balance, we are being encouraged to do something good for ourselves. Typically we do a lot for others but forget to do something for ourselves. Now might be a good time to keep down feelings of frustration and irritation with others. 😉

It was reported to me that there are massive solar flames released from the Sun that will hit the Earth tomorrow which could disrupt satellites wreaking havoc on mobile phone signals! Meaning it could knock out mobile phone satellites and mess with GPS communications. Yikes! It better not mess with the World Cup!

Please keep in mind we are still smack dab in the middle of Mercury Retrograde so try to chose your words carefully!

Candles to recommend during the Full Moon are ANYTHING you want to bring TO you. Money, family, peace, work, fertility, protection and so much more! We have a list of a few of the candles we have to offer on our Spell candles page. If there is something you want to accomplish that isn’t on the page, just ask! I would be happy to help you find a way to get it accomplished!

Many blessings to YOU!
aka “Abundant Visions”


Lunar Eclipse and FULL Blood Moon-Watch OUT!

Well, well, well.  This Full Moon is quite unique this month.  It is called a Blood Moon and will be accompanied by a Full Lunar Eclipse.  This will be a beautiful sight to see as the eclipse brings a reddish/orange hue on Monday/Tuesday night.  Hence the name “Blood Moon.”  With both the Sun and Moon BOTH in Cardinal signs plus the lunar eclipse, this will be wreaking a bit of havoc on our lives.  Then the Grand Cross is also upon us so all kinds of planetary action is happening!
Ok, so bad news first.  This Full Moon Eclipse is bringing on a cleaning out effect on relationships and turning things upside down emotionally.  Even the most passive people will be “losing their cool” so to speak.  Let’s consider this a good time to clear out the bullshit and clean up a bit in order to make our lives BETTER!  Basically, this will be a time when enemies will be revealed and your tolerance level will be low.  I can’t say not to flip out because the energy is tense BUT, be careful with your words.  You don’t want to eat them later.  But, get rid of what is not enhancing your life or making you BETTER!  That’s what this time is all about.
This Full Moon with a FULL lunar eclipse would be a PHENOMENAL time to do spells candles for peace, cleansing, road openers, love to solidify a good relationship and soooo much more.  The lunar eclipse ADDS to the powerful effect of an already powerful Moon.  Given the time of clearing out, let the candle do the work to bring things inTO you.  I will be doing a Full Moon ritual Tuesday night.  Get your order in quickly so that I can get them prepared in time!
UPCOMING NEXT!!  Moon Advisor did FANTASTIC blog regarding the BIG Grand Cross where all kinds of action is coming up!  I will be posting that a little later.  Give it a read to gain knowledge on how YOU/things will be effected during this planetary craziness!
With love,
aka “Abundant Visions”

Spell Candles and Casting by Psychic

There are a great multitude of spells candles offered by Third Eye Live’s Live Psychic Abundant Visions!  We are getting phenomenal testimonials from people who have had  candle work done by Gaylene!  One testimonial reads:

“These candles kick butt – no kidding! She must do a good job with them, coz the results speak for themselves, as they have not had negative repercussions. That’s most likely coz they’re all well-intentioned. It has brought me and some friends of mine I requested these for, great solace, despite how bad the situations were b4 I got Gaylene’s candles involved. Great service – they are right ON!”

Today, there were 7 NEW candles added!  Check them out!

Cinnamon – Aids in better communications, draws good thing things to you! This candle smells amazing and does A LOT!
Miraculous Retirement – To rid of bad neighbors or rid oneself of envy. Too many times we have people who interfere or cause chaos for those we love. This candle will create opportunities for them to move forward, away or to become someone else’s problem.
Marvelous Garlic – Protection from Demons, Negative Energy or those who intend harm on you! This candle works excellent on breaking spells against you.
Peace – Promotes spiritual, internal and external Peace. Promotes healthy balance within and vanquish negativity
Guardian Angel – to walk with you, guide you and protect you
Block Buster – Feel blocked? This block buster will break any and all blockages! Your own personal beliefs/blockages or that of which is sent to you by another!
Miracle Healing Power – Helps aid with Headaches, Bad Back, Drugs, Arthritis, Aids, Depression, Alcohol and Cancer! This miracle candle aids in all aspects of illness! Feel its’ healing power!